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What new development would you like to see at Bouquet Junction plaza? [socialpoll id=”2506767″]

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Should the mitigation funding from Chiquita Canyon Landfill be distributed by L.A County to assure it is used properly, or should it go directly to the local councils? [socialpoll id=”2499734″]

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Did you expect that data about you would be shared for profit when you used social media? [socialpoll id=”2497531″]

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

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Are you willing to listen and respond politely to the opinion of someone you disagree with? [socialpoll id=”2496450″]

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Do you think the city of Santa Clarita should become an anti-sanctuary city, defying the California Values Act as some cities in Orange County have done? [socialpoll id=”2495478″]

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Does driving in the Santa Clarita Valley feel safer as a result of recent outreach, road improvements and public safety efforts? [socialpoll id=”2489483″]