Rick Barker | Always the Same Hatred

In re: Gary Horton, “Congressman Garcia Slips Us a Mickey,” commentary, Jan. 18. Any Democrat, Republican or independent who has ever taken the time to listen to Rep. Mike Garcia speak about his undying love for our country and the men and women in uniform would never for a second believe he would EVER use those men and women he

Rob Kerchner | Can This Be a Coincidence?

It is now clear that Joe Biden, as Barack “scandal-free!” Obama’s vice president and point man on Ukraine, illegally removed classified U.S. intel on Ukraine.

Dick Cesaroni | The Thin Blur Line

I received an e-mail about L.A. Police Chief Michael Moore banning display of the Thin Blue Line flag because it was a symbol of “racism.”

Ronald Perry | I Would Be Fired

When I was working, I would have been fired if I handled my department budget the way Gov. Gavin Newsom has handled the budget of

Jim de Bree | Are There Any Deficit Hawks?

Our national debt has increased exponentially over the past quarter-century. Many in Congress, particularly Republicans, claim to be deficit hawks who stress the importance of

Rick Barker | Finding Common Ground

In re: Gary Morrison, “Shall We Find Common Ground?” letters, Dec. 1. Mr. Morrison, if you had taken the time to actually read my letter,