Maria Gutzeit | Finally, Some Good News for Californians

I’ve been working from home a lot, but have ventured out when critical to provide client services. At 8 a.m. yesterday I hopped in the car to participate in a regulatory audit in the Inland Empire.  I passed the parked truck of a contractor working on our house. Why was someone still in the truck? Did they need something before

Arthur Saginian | Equal Bashing Deserved

This is in the category of “two wrongs don’t make it right.” Conservatives: People whose injustices gave birth to liberals. Liberals: People who react to

Stephen Maseda | An Unprecedented Attack?

I would have thought that the multiday attack on the White House last summer during the Black Lives Matter “mostly peaceful” protests, when the president

Judy Reinsma | Cartoon Was Beyond Offensive

Really? I know The Signal has a “conservative” editorial slant, but that cartoon is beyond offensive. This election was the most completely scrutinized for fraud

Kenneth Hurst | Not the Plan of a Patriot

I have never had occasion to question the patriotism of an elected official. Rep. Mike Garcia’s military service not withstanding, his objection to the state-certified

Christopher Lucero | Texas-Sized Irony

I was irked that distant Republicans had the audacity to criticize California. They have no citizenship here, no stake or interest, except to ruin and

Laura Brewer | Honoring the Brave

In John Boston’s commentary on Feb. 12, he is protesting the suggestion we need to change the name of the Hart High School mascot, Hart

Alan Ferdman | A Water Rebuttal

In one aspect, I want to thank Dan Masnada for taking the time to respond to my (Feb. 12) column. I am always pleased to