Jennifer Danny | Tapping Into the Gift of Your Intuition

There are two books that I think are a must read. They are “The Gift Of Fear” and “Protecting The Gift” by Gavin De Becker.  Both deal with the subject of learning how to use your gift of intuition and they go into great detail on issues of preventing child abduction and teaching your children how to find a stranger

Gary Curtis | Too Sexy, Too Soon!

It is hard to believe, but we now have parents taking children to risqué “pride parades,” ”drag queens” flamboyantly exposing themselves to children in public

Joshua Heath | Why I Am a Democrat

It’s always wise to remember how much we owe the rest of humanity. No man is an island. From the beginning of our lives up

Rob Kerchner | Who Knew This Was a Dance?

Behold, the 10-step, two-year two-step. Who’s still dancing?  1. Just 15 days to slow the spread, people. Test and trace and the government will spend

Ron Singerman | Thanks for Scully Tribute

Re: Ms. Lois Eisenberg letter, Aug. 6, “A Treasure to Baseball.” Finally, finally, finally. A letter submitted by you in tribute to Vinny (Vin Scully)

Max Morgan | Inflation Reduction Act a Lie

Kathryn Oliver is all in (Aug. 3) on the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act, but at what cost to the average taxpayer? Congress’ bipartisan Joint Committee