Recycling the ‘basket’

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Regarding Gary Horton’s column of Sept. 21 entitled “Here’s the real threat”: Hilarious hysterical hyperventilation, Horton.

I guess you’ve been reading Clinton’s poll numbers. Her support’s evaporating quicker than a drop of water on a hot griddle. But if you breathe into a paper bag you’ll be able to get your breath back.

It looks like “despite no report from authorities as to what that blast might have been,” Trump had it right when he called it a “bomb.” Should he have not called it a “bomb” and said instead “UEO”? You know, “unidentified exploding object”?

Or is your problem Trump’s statement that “we’re going to get tough”? Why does that twist your knickers in a knot? Shouldn’t we get tough with people who do these things?

“When Trump sows fear, as he often does, citing menacing threats from … little old sick Hillary Clinton gonna take your guns away. …”

But that’s exactly what she does plan to do, by her own words. She’s plainly said she considers Australia’s gun control measures to be a good model, and that country enacted confiscation.

She wants to ban so-called “assault weapons,” and what’s a ban but a prohibition on ownership? Which ultimately leads to the guns already owned by people being taken away in one manner or another.

She’s also flatly stated that she believes SCOTUS’s Heller decision was “wrongly decided,” and since Heller clearly stated that gun ownership is an individual right, well… connect the dots, dude.

I also got a kick out of how you tried to clean up and recycle Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” bleat. Really, you think insulting a whole swath of voters is a smart way to win votes?

I guess when November rolls around and I head to the polls, I’ll have to spit the hayseeds out from between my teeth and stop “bitterly clinging” to my guns and God long enough to drive there.

But never worry! I absolutely plan to do so!

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