The Real Me

Saugus resident and artist Naomi Young working on a mosaic art piece. Courtesy photo

I have two faces,

one, that I show in many places,

where people wholeheartedly agree

and believe that it is the real me,

when they see me act funny, silly

and joking joyfully,

when the witty in me comes out

and I laugh big and loud!


But If they only knew the real me

how mellow I can be,

introspective and all alone,

when I paint on my own

finding it a thrill to just be still.

How quietly I get lost deep in my worlds

letting only my soul whisper its words,

when I allow just my paint brushes

do circles in big purple dances,

because the real me, if you believe

is sensitive, spiritual and reflective.

It is the one less known,

when I find myself, on my own,

still searching, though I am  not lost,

that is the real me that I love the most!


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