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“God damn America”
– Reverend Jeremiah Wright

“The election is rigged.” – Candidate Donald Trump

Way back in March, 2008 “God damn America!” was splashed over the airways and press from sea to shining sea. Then Senator Barack Obama was in the midst of a heated contest against Hillary Clinton and in the middle of it, ABC News had unearthed snippets of scorching sermons by Obama’s then pastor, Jeremiah Wright. All hell subsequently broke loose as Jeremiah Wright was made to look a traitor and Obama guilty by association.

Resolute, Obama responded with one of the greatest speeches we’ll ever hear, “A More Perfect Union” – a speech so powerful that the stormy controversy largely died out. The rest is history, with two term President Obama now enjoying a 55% approval rating as he concludes the victory lap of his impressive presidency.

Much of the outrage against Reverend Wright was falsely placed. Few knew Wright’s character and few bothered studying the actual sermon. Few knew Wright was veteran, uniquely serving both in the Marines and in the Navy, even earning a commendation for serving President Johnson personally during surgery. And few knew that his sermon was actually a call for national repentance from continuous war and spoke for a godlier nation. Instead, America was affronted by the provocative verbiage and we recoiled that some black pastor inner-city pastor would critique us so harshly.

Now, along comes a much more prominent character. Along comes a presidential candidate worth billions, gifted with all the pomp and power a privileged American life can bestow. Along comes a celebrity with a voice reaching not 6,000 poor folks in a gritty Chicago area church, but rather, with a megaphone voice screaming at 350 million Americans, day and night. And along comes this amplified, larger than life voice from a man who, unlike Wright, never gave of himself in national service, hasn’t paid taxes in 20 years, who’s morals are a national joke, and even who’s charitable donations have now come under scrutiny. Along comes, despite all the blessings America can bestow, a singularly selfish and self-absorbed man who strikingly calls us not to repentance, but calls instead for our electoral demise.

Trump’s closing message isn’t a plea for a godlier, more humane government. No – his big message for the people is one of constitutional sedition: “This election is rigged, it’s rigged folks,” And he implies not to honor it.

On and on Trump rails, “Of course there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before election day.” “We may have people vote 10 times.” “The election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media – but also at many polling places.”

Trump’s closing statement to America? “Our election is rigged, our system is rigged, and there’s a coordinated power scheming to rig the outcome of our democratic process.” Trump’s stump speeches have become a daily debasement of that bedrock of our democracy – the integrity of our electoral system.

This is as close to sedition as we’ve seen any politician ever go. For all the hate Americans spewed on Reverend Wright, Wright never claimed we were illegitimate. Trump, however, tells us our trust and faith in our democratic government is misplaced and that American democracy is nothing more than a rigged gig, controlled by some unknown Cable. He’s telling us we’re dumb and gullible voters participating in nothing more than a scheme.

Asked by the New York Times if he would support the election results, Trump undercut us, “We’re going to have to see. We’re going to see what happens.” As outrageous as Trump’s been, when he loses he might just call for a boycott of results, morphing his 39% followers into 50 million anti-government seditionists.

Donald Trump betrays the democratic principles upon which our democracy is built. He discredits not just his opponent, but our government system itself, from its very roots, upward. Trump is delegitimizing both the next president and the election process itself. If not treason, Trump is certainly treading on sedition against the constitution,

Reverend Wright evoked our wrath for caustically exposing our bad past actions with his call for national repentance. Far more damning than Wright’s “God damn America” quip, Trump has crossed into sedition against our constitutional government.

Thoughtful commentators and politicians alike are aghast where all this leads. Trump’s takes us to unchartered territory. Some feel nearly anything could happen – but this much is sure: Should Trump lose, he’s caused tens of millions of Americans to disbelieve their own electoral system. He will have discredited the next president and the nation, itself.

Wright caught hell for his roughly worded call to national repentance. A far greater national anger must surely be aimed at Donald Trump, a seditious candidate who purposefully undermines American democracy.

Gary Horton is a Santa Clarita resident. “Full Speed to Port!” appears Wednesdays in The Signal.

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  • Brian Baker

    More of the same old same old we hear from you, Vignola, Kraut, Zaring, and Buck every week. You guys are the Greek chorus of this election year, mindlessly chanting the same old, tired lines, over and over again, about how terrible Trump is.

    You’re your own echo chamber. Mind-numbingly b-o-o-o-ring.

    Here’s a news flash, Horton. We all KNOW how terrible Trump is. But there are a ton of us who are voting for him anyway. Know why? It’s because your candidate is orders of magnitude WORSE.

    So instead of wasting valuable column space, and your few times left at bat before the election, on regurgitating the same old, tired mantra, why don’t you try something really original, like trying to come up with reasons anyone should vote FOR Miss Pantsuit?

    Here, I’ll even help you out, being as how I’m such a generous guy. It could go like this.

    Why don’t you laud her cleverness in avoiding prosecution for her felonious handling of her official email correspondence as SecState, including classified info? Or the skill with which, again as SecState, she managed to set the Middle East on fire, and uncage Putin’s aggressions, while encouraging China to start expanding aggressively into the South China Sea? Isn’t that noteworthy? Were you as impressed as I was by her mastery of the corruption necessary to cheat Bernie Sanders out of any chance of winning his run for your party’s nomination? I thought that was pretty slick; didn’t you?

    Now, what I wrote was based on actual facts and truth, but I know you guys don’t want to resort to THOSE qualities in this election. But maybe you can just kinda make some stuff up.

    ANYTHING other than this repetitive and boring mess you guys keep shilling…. um, I mean SHELLING… out.

    • indy

      Suggest this poster address the facts about voter fraud . . .

      . . . versus reciting RNC talking points supporting voter suppression.

      Every American deserves to vote . . . without restrictions imposed by partisans of either party.

      • Brian Baker

        I suggest this wIndybag look at my comment of October 19, 2016 at 10:13 am, right here, to see some actual facts.

        • indy

          Suggest visiting VoterFraudFacts to get the reality:

          “Out of the 197 million votes cast for federal candidates between 2002 and 2005, only 40 voters were indicted for voter fraud. Only 26 of those cases, or about .00000013 percent of the votes cast, resulted in convictions or guilty pleas.”

          Conservative fears about voter fraud aren’t supported by the facts.

          Advocating voter suppression based on ideology is inappropriate and violates a voter’s constitutional right to vote.

  • Nishka

    “Gary Horton: Campaign against democracy” GARY LOVE YOU MAN>>>>>
    You always bring out the outrage of some of the posters who post repeatably the same old
    blah,, blah, blah.>>>>> Donald is the cult leader of his deplorable followers, and the wimpy Republican
    Politicians who can’t even tie their own shoelaces. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    America is great as long as we don’t have a man like Trump groping our Democratic values. >>>>>

  • robert stauffer

    They did rig the primary didn’t they?

  • All around, just a pathetic presidential election. Hillary will win. We are hearing the preface to Trump’s concession speech…”the election is rigged”. But when Hillary wins, if I wrote the headline it would read,..
    Narrowly Escaping a Federal Indictment that Could Have Resulted in Years in Jail, Clinton Defeats Trump to Become Nation’s First Woman President

    • Brian Baker

      When she enters a room, instead of playing “Here Comes The Chief” the band can strike up “I Am Woman, Hear Me Cackle”.

      Or maybe “Jailhouse Rock”.

  • robert stauffer

    Pathetic election? I think it’s great to finally see someone fighting back.

    No other Republican candidate than TRUMP would ever prosecute Hillary like she needs to be ….in front of the whole wide world no less…..Oh boy is this gonna be great!!!

    I expect another chapter of lies and deceit will be put on display tonight – but the story will be whatever the media decides hurts Hillary the least – HA HA!

  • noonan

    I tell my kid, “we don’t dump food on the floor”. Kid says, “I’m not dumping food on the floor”. I say, “I’m watching you do it right now!” Kid says, “no you aren’t.”

    Substitute kid for Horton, Viggie, Kraut, and the “moderate”.

    No voter fraud? Horton, you are truly divorced from reality.

  • Gary Horton


    Respectfully, to claim “voter fraud” you can’t just say it and make it so. If you claim it, please back it up with hard, irrefutable facts, beyond “so and so once sent in their dead dad’s ballot.” Please, in modern elections, cite the instance and the sway any such fraud caused. Study and study show no fraud, and certainly no meaningful fraud. Further, if there was fraud, why not from both sides?

    Trump damages our democracy with such irresponsible talk. He has disqualified himself on that count, alone.

    Whether or not your for Hillary, Trump must be seen as a danger to the nation for his seditious assertions.

    – Gary

  • robert stauffer

    I won’t speak for Noonan, but I wonder if the author has heard of Project Veritas?

    I think what they exposed is truly ‘irresponsible talk’ that shows real damage to the democracy – what with all the broken windows, burned out buildings, etc.

  • noonan

    I just tried to post that link Chico and it wouldn’t allow me to.

    Also Gary, with all due respect, I don’t think you know what sedition means. He’s not advocating the overthrow of our government. You’re confusing exercising one’s first amendment rights with sedition. And he’s right, the election is rigged or at the very least, tilted in the Dems favor substantially.

  • tech

    Gary, you’d have more credibility if your criticism was even-handed instead of Trump specific. Here is your Democratic Party on Parade about a “rigged system”:

    Sedition? Please advise how Trump’s adoption of this populist rhetoric is uniquely damaging to our Republic. Your assertion that Trump is engaging in incitement of rebellion is risible, Gary!

    As far as voter fraud, Noonan is correct, it exists. The extant cases reveal that the systems that most states employ to maintain the integrity of their voter registration databases is less than rigorous. As such, it’s difficult to measure but it certainly does exist and prosecutions have occurred.

  • Brian Baker

    Voter fraud:

    I could fill this page up with links to factual accounts of fraud and the concomitant investigations, studies, and other articles and you and your cohorts would just shrug it away. It’s called a lack of integrity.

    Bill Clinton’s perjury? Meh. Accusations of sexual predation including rape? Yawn. Hillary’s felonious conduct with her emails? Nothing to see here. Fixing the primary against Sanders? Snore.

    While in the meantime making the absurd claim that Trump’s talking “sedition”. Good grief.

    All while STILL not even trying to make a case to vote FOR Her Royal Arrogance.

  • robert stauffer

    Some people have just come to realize their side of the aisle ‘cheats’, and it doesn’t bother them a bit – how liberating!

  • hopeful

    As for Trump suggesting that the Media is biased and is trying to “rig” the election, Trump has a point. Andrew Cuomo flat out lied to his CNN viewers when he claimed that it was illegal for ordinary people to look at the Wikileak e-mails, and then Coumo doubled down today when he cut the feed of Congressman Chris Collins when Collins mentioned Wikileaks.

    The mainstream media is constantly reporting the horrific things Trump says, but they are ignoring all the terrible and corrupt things that Hillary Clinton and her campaign have done and said.

    There is so much evidence to prove the media bias, yet Democrats are perfectly okay with this because their favored candidate is being protected. However, All Americans (Democrats, Republicans, Independents) should not only be appalled with both candidates behavior, but they should also be condemning the press for their blatant bias and unprofessional reporting.

  • “A More Perfect Union” – Gary this Country is more un-united/divided since the hateful, two talking Obama loving Dems have been in control.

    ” spoke for a godlier nation.” Are you kidding me ? Obama and the Dems despise any kind of God I believe in. Freedom of religion is a thing of the past. You either agree with a Democrat on their opinions and values or you are persecuted. trump is bringing back a fundamental United States of America.

    “American democracy is nothing more than a rigged gig, controlled by some unknown Cable.” Absolutely agree ! has been for some time and many Americans know it.

    Here is my opinion. the Dems fight for their own personal wealth and notoriety. The hire illegals, like in the landscaping, agricultural, food, hotel, labor industries to exploit poor wages, increasing their own wealth all the while putting on this show like they are caring and concerned about the working class.

    Sorry your bubble will bust. Americans are just plain old fed up.

    • tech

      “trump is bringing back a fundamental United States of America.”

      How so, specifically?

      To my mind, anyone who believes a great man/woman will waive their magisterial hand and resolve all their “problems” is a delusional acolyte in a Cult of Personality.

      No one is going to “save” the USA. It’s up to us to devolve power and funding out of the administrative state in Washington D.C. back to the states and The People.

  • Gary Horton

    Well folks, I guess the pollsters are rigged, the internet is rigged, and the ballots are all… rigged. I guess we’re really not hearing the silly stuff that comes from Trump’s mouth. We’re not really hearing all the disqualifying rabble he spews which has, in and of itself, ruined his candidacy.

    You may believe the gig is “rigged” but he’s cooked his own goose; the goose hasn’t been cooked by secret forces. We all hear it and see it live.

    Trump could have one this. He could have stayed on topic. He could have at least attempted to look presidential. But he didn’t and he will loose to a weak candidate and there’s nothing “rigged” about this. He blew it, straight up. He was offensive to too many voters.

    That’s the way it goes. If the Dodgers don’t pitch well they loose. If you don’t make enough baskets, you loose. If you shoot your mouth off like an out of control teen, you loose.

    Maybe next time the Republicans will come up with a better candidate. Romney would have one this time.

    I’ve lost a many times in my life and generally when its happened, looking back, I see it was my fault. If I call my mistakes and losses “rigged” I’ll never get better. You’ve got to learn and move on.

    – Gary

    • Brian Baker

      “I guess we’re really not hearing the silly stuff that comes from Trump’s mouth.”

      And you again seem oblivious to the point being made, to wit: you’re just regurgitating the same old nonsense week after week after week, and NO ONE CARES.

      Because we already know Trump’s a jackass. No one denies that, and in fact most of us have said exactly the same thing ourselves. But YOUR candidate is much WORSE.

      So, again… where are your reasons for why anyone should vote FOR her?

      Can’t think of any, can ya? And that’s your problem, right there. Your only “reason” is because she’s the Not Trump.

      And that’s a good enough reason for US to vote FOR Trump. He’s the Not Hillary.

    • Brian Baker

      “Maybe next time the Republicans will come up with a better candidate. Romney would have one this time.”

      And maybe next time your party will run a candidate who isn’t a criminal and pathological liar.

      If you’d run Zell Miller or Joe Lieberman, or someone like that, this election would have been over months ago, and November would have been a landslide for you.

  • Gary Horton

    Brian and all:

    Respectfully, after last nights Trump performance, I stand by this column 100%. This is no longer about Trump vs. Clinton. It’s about upholding our democratic process. “Ill keep you in suspense” regarding accepting the outcome of the election is Banana Republic type tripe. Trump simply disqualified himself top to bottom because he indicated he is not committed to democracy. You can’t have that in a U.S. President. Plain and simple.

    – Gary

    • Brian Baker

      Really, Gary?

      He didn’t do any such thing. I seem to recall that you Dem/socialists have been bleating for eight long years that Bush was “selected” and not elected to office when Gore lost his legal challenge to the results of the 2000 election. Was Gore “not committed to democracy”, too?

      What’s with your selective memories, and hypocritical umbrage and outrage? Is that just programmed in genetically, or what?

    • tech

      Your preemptive attempt at dismissal of voter fraud isn’t credible, Gary. Typing “Trump” online doesn’t rebut the points Brian and I raised and supported with links to counter the assertions you made about voter fraud to Noonan.

      Please display some intellectual rigor instead of invocation of the “enemy”.

      • The hypocrisy is astounding, but not surprising. How many times was Bush referred to as the pResident? Whatever forwards the wishes of Der Party’s ruling class, eh Comrade Horton?

  • Gary Horton

    Well, comrades, at the end of the day Hill will whoop the puppet Trump by 9% nationally at by at least 140 electoral college votes. A landslide could develop making tearing the stuffing out of the diminished puppet.

    If you want to alleged voter fraud over 8 – 10 million votes and multiple red states pitching in for Hillary, I suppose you could but that would call America into great, great question. And so, then why vote at all?

    This will be a demolished puppet candidate like we’ve not seen since Gray Davis got booted from California.

    Ill have to get out the popcorn and champaign for election night!

    • Brian Baker

      Again a display of your trademark hypocrisy, Horton.

      You Dem/socialists were all in for Gore when he challenged the election results in 2000, even withdrawing his concession to do so, and kept that election from finalizing for over a month. Didn’t THAT “call America into great, great question”?


      The double-standard and hypocrisy of you guys is beyond belief. Really. Just stunning.

      • Brian Baker

        And contemptible.

        • Brian, partisan stooges like Horton don’t care about the country, all they care about is their side grabbing and holding power. They are beneath contempt.

    • tech

      It appears you can’t manage a cogent response and instead resort to childish taunts, Gary. Disappointing.

  • Horton is fine with voter fraud, as long as it benefits Der Party. The whole “peaceful transfer of power” thing is more about the seated president handing over the reins, not two out of power contenders vying for the spot. What’s Trump going to do, assemble an army? You should be more concerned about Obama’s reaction, because for all his crowing about Trump whining, Obama is no stranger to claiming elections are rigged.

  • robert stauffer

    It’s one thing to know someone is lying – it’s quite another to look the other way – because in reality (and spiritually for that matter) looking away is participation— Gary?

  • Nishka

    “After Wednesday nights Trump performance, I stand by GARY’S column 100%. This is no longer about Trump vs. Clinton. It’s about upholding our democratic process. ” BINGO !!!!!!

    “The double-standard and hypocrisy of you guys is beyond belief. Really. Just stunning.”

    • Brian Baker

      Well then, projalice, since Horton couldn’t (for obvious reasons) respond, I’ll pose the same challenge to you.

      If this election is allegedly about “upholding our democratic process” (your words), why didn’t the same standards apply in 2000 when Gore challenged the election results in court and tied up the finalization of the election for about 6 weeks? Not a single person in your party objected then.

      Isn’t this yet another example of the repugnant hypocrisy of you American Marxists?