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Congressman Steve Knight is a great guy. I’ve met him at his appearances and have spoken with him on the phone extensively. I’ve read his materials, letters, and ads. Steve is solid.

Steve’s an exemplary family man. He served in the military, worked as a policeman, got into politics, likely following his dad’s footsteps.

He’s a bread-and-butter righter-wing Republican who actually lives the “family values” thing – unlike the presidential candidate from Steve’s party.

You would want Steve as your neighbor, as I would. Steve is responsible, respectable, and no doubt mows his lawn and keeps up his yard.

His kids are apparently great, with one in college and another on the way. He’s been married but once and has kept everything on the home front in check and in order. Again, unlike his party’s presidential aspirant.

Steve has represented our district arguably better than his predecessor, Republican Buck McKeon – with more real movement against the Soledad Canyon mega-mine and a whole lot less distraction.

Steve is likely as straight an arrow politician as we’re going to see.

And if Steve wins this election I hope he’ll see me (and my ilk) as the loyal opposition, as we are all pleased to help Steve on all helpful, productive initiatives he may push or endorse.

But all this aside, voters in our 25th Congressional District must this election reject Knight and instead vote for Bryan Caforio. Because in the end, this election isn’t about Steve – it’s about the company Steve keeps.

Steve’s a great guy – but happens to belong to a House full of “bad hombres.” Steve is party to dysfunctional and destructive obstructionists who’ve done just about all they can to hobble progress in the United States in their highly damaging, never-ending effort to discredit President Obama.

Steve was there and voted for shutdowns of the government which sent shockwaves through our economy and jitters through the entire world. Steve was there and wasted time with a dozen meaningless Obamacare repeals.

Steve was there as Congress refused to even consider Obama’s centrist appointment for the Supreme Court – thereby putting our legal system in a choke hold.

And Steve has been there and was part of the team that simply won’t cooperate with the president; won’t produce a proper budget; won’t let the partisan divide go so as to get back to representing the people of the United States instead of slavishly adhering to lopsided dogmas and the NRA and Grover Norquist types.

Steve may be fine, but he and the company he keeps in Congress must be made to hit the road if we’re ever going to return to running the country for the benefit of the country itself.

Fortunately, this election cycle we’re blessed with a particularly strong alternative. Bryan Caforio is as sharp a candidate as has crossed our paths at least for the 44 years I’ve been a voter in this district.

I’ve heard Bryan speak time and again and Bryan, while newer to our area, knows our issues forward, backward, left and right – and demonstrably in the debates better than Knight.

Bryan is a centrist. He’s a pragmatist. And his intense legal background gives him the firepower our district needs for expanded representation in the House. Bryan will stand out and lead for our district.

Most importantly, Bryan isn’t bound by loyalty to an obstructionist gang who’ve held us hostage for far too long.

Surveys show 91 percent of all Americans disapprove of the Republican-led House. The House doesn’t work.

Since Republicans took control, their well-stated objective has been to frustrate Obama’s presidency and potential legacy. In the process Americans have been made to suffer as the Party of No has said “no” to just about everything that would help them.

Sending Bryan Caforio to Congress tips the scales in favor of collaboration and cooperation. While the House most likely won’t flip this election, increasing independently minded representatives like Bryan will move the House toward a more reconciliatory position with what is most likely to be President Clinton.

Heaven knows, there’s certainly real work that’s been too long postponed and must finally be addressed. Roads and bridges and waterways to fix. Budgets to balance. Justice concerns to be made right.

Cooperation is mandated to finally fix our budget and secure entitlements without risking further deficits. Heaven knows we have to get past the partisan in-fighting.

Steve Knight is fine – but the company he keeps has held us hostage for far too long. To quote Star Trek, “Captain, we can’t take much more of this!”

It’s high time for a change toward a more centrist, progressive, collaborative House. Bryan Caforio is the right leader with the right skills and the right values at this right time.

Right here, right now, for the right reasons, it’s time for voters to send Bryan Caforio to Congress.

Gary Horton is a Santa Clarita resident. “Full Speed to Port!” appears Wednesdays in The Signal.

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  • Brian Baker

    Oh, gag.

    So, let’s see. Steve Knight’s this great guy and all, but it’s so much better to have the carpetbagging Westsider who doesn’t know squat about our local issues take his place. A guy who’s utterly in the tank and owned by the state Dem/socialist political machine. A guy whose funding is almost completely provided by NON-local sources.

    Is that the snake oil you’re selling today, Horton?

    Here’s what’s really funny about your column: “And Steve has been there and was part of the team that simply won’t cooperate with the president”

    Well… YEAH, bud, that’s EXACTLY what we elected him to do! You have a very firm grasp of the obvious. And we’ll need him more than ever if Her Thighness manages to win the election!

    Pretty funny stuff, Horton, I have to say.

    • indy

      I think the question before voters is do they vote for a party that obstructs debate and legislation.

      Our congress has been close to a complete failure of late . . . bantering about ideology positions then voting same into law in the wee hours of the night.

      Both parties are guilty of this behavior but the GOP has done a better job of obstruction than the democrats.

      We see this with the GOP controlled Senate refusing to consider a SCOTUS appointment giving only a shaky excuse that with a year left in office the current sitting President isn’t ‘allowed’ to follow through on his constitutional responsibility.

      As far as Trump goes, he’s an excellent promoter . . . something that has gone past traditional political promises to the point that only Trump can solve the problems, Trump knows more than our military leadership, or addresses GOP policies that he says he dislikes but has opening admitted to ‘buying’ the very same influence he ‘now’ disdains. And check out where he makes his clothing lines . . .

      It’s instructive to review the Trump business failures and bankruptcies as well:

      It’s unfortunate that too many voters believe ‘wealth’ reflects business, management and economic knowledge . . . versus in Trump’s case just being a successful promoter and remaining clueless with respect to the knowledge required to avoid business failures and bankruptcies.

      And don’t forget Trump’s misuse of our courts . . .

      And now he wants to run the US using these strategies?

      Hilary is a ‘establishment’ politician that must work with both parties and it does get contentious . . . but her past has been one of public service . . . not ‘wheeling and dealing’ investors into poor deals and failures.

      All of the attempts by the GOP to character assassination Hillary are mostly based on innuendo and speculation ‘framed’ in partisan conservative ideology beliefs . . . so it’s little wonder so many GOP voters outright ‘HATE’ her . . .

      Suggestion viewing her accomplishments as well before voting:

  • Gary Horton


    Come on, it’s still early in the morning. Boy, you get up and going fast!

    One way or another Brian, this is a “change” election. Most likely, you’ll get a Hillary change with maybe a Dem senate, too. Finally, some Supreme Court appointments! Who knows – anything goes, you could get a Trump in there, and that might be as nuclear a problem as you see Hillary. I think, in either case, it would be good to have new blood in the house. The alignment right now is poisonous.

    Steve really is fine. It is the company he keeps. What a bunch of all over the map dudes. From science denying whack jobs to straight up conservatives to even racists… the GOP in the House isn’t functional anymore. Witness what we’ve just seen at the national level.

    There you go, Brian.

    – Gary

    • Brian Baker

      You need to look at the time stamp on my comment. Does that look like “early in the morning” to you? Is that indicative of the level of attention to detail you bring to other things, too?

      So now, it’s “the company he keeps”. Well, the company he keeps are fellow Repubs and conservatives (sometimes two different breeds of animal) who were elected by their districts to represent exactly the qualities and issues Knight supports.

      You may or may not be aware of it, but the Founders designed the House of Representatives to reflect the popular opinion of the electorate. That’s why the entire House has to stand for election every two years, and why it’s called “the peoples’ House”.

      The reason WHY it’s currently populated by Knight and people like him is that, sadly for you, it seems that the people aren’t quite ready yet for your brand of American Marxism, with its attendant tyranny, and Big Government nannyism and social engineering.

      Even Knight’s former opponent, Lou Vince, is in radio ads supporting Knight over the Westside carpetbagging shyster.

      As to Trump: you’re right. As I’ve written right here MANY times, he’s a potential disaster. But I’ll take “potential” over the sure thing catastrophe that is Her Thighness, Miss Pantsuit… any day.

    • tech

      Your partisanship forces you to commit basic errors in logic, Gary.

      “An association fallacy is an informal inductive fallacy of the hasty-generalization or red-herring type and which asserts, by irrelevant association and often by appeal to emotion, that qualities of one thing are inherently qualities of another. Two types of association fallacies are sometimes referred to as guilt by association and honor by association.”

  • JM

    By your logic how could you possibly vote for Hillary? You admire the company she keeps?

  • noonan

    As JM stated, this is a good question Horton. Can you comment on your support of Hillary based on the company she keeps?

    Can you liberals be any less self aware? I don’t think so.

  • From the Los Angeles Times 9/26/16:

    “Caforio, 33, whom Democrats have identified as their best chance to oust one of the state’s Republicans, says that as a trial lawyer he “saw a system in which far too many people in our community were taken advantage of on an almost daily basis” because “corporate politicians” were “looking out for the biggest banks and the wealthiest corporations instead of the people back here at home.”

    But an examination of Caforio’s six-year tenure at the Century City firm Susman Godfrey suggests his work more often involved being called upon by large corporations and multimillionaires from around the globe in times of legal need.

    He was part of a legal team that defended Union Oil Co. of California in 2013 and 2014 when a group of 46 Montana residents accused the oil company of contaminating their property by letting petroleum seep from nearby storage tanks. ”

    From a League of Conservation Voters Press Release:

    “The residents of Los Angeles and Ventura counties deserve a representative who is going to always protect public health and fight for green jobs not someone who sat idly by and did nothing while his constituents were sick and forced from their homes,” said LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski

    From a Democratic site endorsing Bryan…

    “Bryan is a Southern California native committed to fighting for middle class families, children, and seniors.
    Since then, he has practiced as an attorney in Southern California, where he has taken on some of the biggest banks in the world, and won.”

    Again from the LA Times article…

    “Since the launch of his campaign, Caforio has emphasized his legal career. He calls himself a consumer rights attorney in campaign material. When he spoke to The Times last fall he said he had a “history of taking on the toughest fights,” including suing Swiss bank UBS on behalf of an investor.

    In that case, the investor wasn’t exactly an average Joe. Caforio represented Egyptian activist investor Ahmed Hussein, who accused UBS of disrupting a proxy fight he was waging with the board of a healthcare company, according to federal court records.
    Caforio and another attorney from his firm won Hussein a $2-million award from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Hussein — using the same team of lawyers — later sued UBS for more than $55 million in damages. UBS pegged Hussein’s net worth at $400 million in 2012, according to the Wall Street Journal.”

    So yeah, he took on the big bad bank for a client worth $400M. Fighting for middle-class families? When the middle-class families in Montana accused the big bad oil company of contaminating their property, Bryan represented the big bad oil company.

    Yeah, Bryan will fight for the little guy and nobody respects women more than Donald Trump, right?

    • Brian Baker

      So, wait a sec, Eric.

      Are you possibly implying that in addition to being a carpetbagging Westside shyster, Caforio’s also a HYPOCRITE?

      Wow, color me surprised.

      • I guess it comes down to this…who are you going to believe, the “right of center” LA Times, or the “fair and balanced” campaign literature?

  • I was pretty much expecting to read: “Paid for by Caforio for Congress.” at the bottom of this article lol.

    Like others have stated bud… if you want to so accutely judge Knight “by the company he keeps”, what is your defense for Obama with all of the marxist groups he was a part of pre-presidency, his incredibly racists former church that he attended for nearly 20 years where he “never heard” any of his pastor’s sermons (lol @ that), his association with domestic terrorists and socialists,…. and don’t get us started on Hillary. 😛

    So knight is a great guy, he’s a wonderful man, someone you’d respect and want to be your neighbor and he looks out for the interests of the scv… but…. he’s a conservative republican politician who… gasps…. acted in line with other conservative republican politicians against a progressive liberal/socialist president.

    Oh noze!!!


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  • Gary….you are losing ground. Noticed it most when you feel the need to respond to the opposition. you have the columnist status but the ” little ‘ guys are calling you out good ! Give it up Man. This whole facade you and the Dems put out is not fundamental American.

  • I just crack up when I read commenters call Clinton and Obama “progressive/liberal/socialist”. This is a testament as to their actual political knowledge. Also, I consider this childish name calling. The only politician in recent memory that comes close to being an Actual Socialist is Bernie, and even real bona fide Socialists agree that Bernie does not fit in their tent. Clinton is a centrist. So is Caforio. We could argue whether either are “liberal” in political outlook. I say they are not. To call either a “Socialist” is stupid.

    Thanks for the editorial, Gary. You are being too kind to a forced birther and obstructionist politician like Knight. These two political traits should disqualify him from any public office, in my opinion.

  • phil ellis

    Typical leftist hypocrisy:

    Also, I consider this childish name calling.
    You are being too kind to a forced birther and obstructionist politician like Knight.

    • Dear Phil — “Leftist”? Base on what information? Also, it is not name calling to describe a public figure accurately. Please let me know if either of my descriptors are inaccurate.

      • tech

        In light of the intentionally architected Constitutional separation of powers, please illuminate us on what you mean by “obstructionist”, Mr. Zelig.

        • GOP reps refusing to consider Obama’s SCOTUS appointee, other Federal judgeships, shutting down Guantanamo, their 50+ repeated attempts to repeal ObamaCare, and on and on and on.

          Care to discuss Knight’s position regarding women’s control over their own bodies?

          • tech

            Non sequitur and non-responsive to my inquiry.

            Are you positing that GOP members of Congress aren’t acting in the interests of their constituents who elected them to office? The President doesn’t rule by fiat, understand? That’s exactly why there’s a separation of powers.

            Here’s what’s happened to the President’s party:


            What you label as “obstruction” is Congress opposing the President’s polices, as our Republic was architected. Citizens have placed a check on the Executive’s policies.

            The other question I had for you: Are you receiving renumeration for participating in this forum from Democrats, Mr. Zelig?

  • tech
  • noonan

    Tech, every notice that the leftists never, EVER, answer your question? I’ve noticed that you’ve asked about separation of powers many, many, times and yet they never answer. It seems to me that the only reasons that this happens are either ignorance of the concept or an inability to defend their position.

    • tech

      I suspect Mr. Zelig is another sock puppet flacking for Democrats, Noonan. The moniker has been used outside The Signal.

      Therefore, I don’t expect a response.

      • Cut it out with the name calling. You don’t know me.

        • tech

          Oh, there you are, Mr. Zelig! You butted in on another conversation.

          Do you work for Democrat campaigns? Here’s your chance to go on the record. You know what a sock puppet is, right?

          Also, can you answer my question about your use of “obstruction” as it relates to Constitutional separation of powers?

          Thanks! 😀

          • What question do you wish to ask of me?

          • tech

            See above.

          • Your insults are not amusing, but I suspect that’s all you’ve got.

          • tech

            A deflection because you can’t or won’t answer the questions asked, Mr. Zelig. It’s projection and we all understand it.

            No matter. Just understand that sock puppets are detected and exposed. Tell your employers.

  • I find it hilarious that some teabagging commenter would accuse me of being in the employ of the DNC and that I’d get paid real money for writing little comments in a small local newspaper. You are a name caller, Tech. You attempt to bully posters such as myself with accusations and silly fantasies. This is childish behavior. You will not lecture to me, however you are free to call me anything that brings joy to your sorry little life.

    • tech

      “Teabagging”? Wasn’t that you who was lecturing about name calling and insults, Mr. Zelig?

      Intelligent folks can parse your post and the invective didn’t directly respond to my inquiry, i.e. if you were employed by any Democrat campaign.

      Either you will or you won’t respond to a direct question. However, the time spent attacking me derails your posting of prefabricated political talking points dictated by your employer(s).

      Prediction: You won’t maintain a presence subsequent to 11/8/16 in this forum.

      You’re welcome to prove me wrong. In the interim, consider yourself schooled. 🙂

      • I hope I never meet you in person, Tech, because I consider you dangerously crazy. No, I make no money from writing comments in any publication in the world. I have never in my life worked for any political organization that paid me for my services. I have not volunteered for any political organization any time this century. The last money I made for writing an article was for a technical publication some years ago. I did not quit my day job. Get it?

        I call you a “teabagger” not as an insult, but because that’s what you are. The Tea Party movement, who’s principles you adhere tightly to, originally called themselves “teabaggers”. It wasn’t until some “liberal” pointed out the tawdry second meaning that the youngsters had assigned to the word that they felt forced to change their name to the more elegant “Tea Party”. This is what is called a “double entendre”. You are a teabagger, sir. I shall continue to use the term “teabagger” as a reminder that the founders of that insipid, yet dangerous political organization were quite clueless as to the double meaning of that word. Please wear it proud.

        Also, you are attempting to bully me and other posters whose politics you disagree with. This is bad. Your name calling is discourteous. Please cut it out. Will I be here posting responses to your name calling and attempts to bully and humiliate after Nov. 8? You betcha.

        By the way, it appears you don’t know the actual meaning of the term “schooled”. Also, contrary ‘to what the teabaggers such as yourself call it, the proper term is “the Democratic Party”, not the “Democrat Party”, which is considered a negative epithet within civilized circles.

        • tech

          I haven’t called you any names, Mr. Zelig. But I note you seem rather fond of doing so yourself.

          Thanks for finally responding directly to my repeated questions about political campaign employment.

          For your information, I neither am nor have I been a member of the “Tea Party”. You do have a rather vivid imagination, don’t you? In fact, I’m not affiliated with any political party.

          “Democrat Party”, which is considered a negative epithet within civilized circles.”

          Speaking of schooling, may I introduce you to @TheDemocrats?

          Please note their scintillating logo while you acquaint yourself with their brand.

          There was a regular poster here that made the same mistake. I used to snicker at him pompously correcting people in exactly the manner you employed. His name is Steve and he previously used the moniker of stevehw before the site was moved to the WordPress platform.

          Welcome to civilization. See you 11/9/16. Perhaps then we can discuss your irrational fears.

        • tech

          Oh, I almost forgot!

          Welcome to the internet!