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This election season has been filled with drama and accusations from both sides of the political spectrum. What seems to have been lost in the national debate is the local issues that we face in Santa Clarita.

Our congressional district is unique in many ways. Steve Knight grew up here, served here, and patrolled here as a Los Angeles police officer.

As wonderful of a person his opponent may be, there is no way anyone who has been here for weeks could understand the needs and nuances we have.

We have physical terrain that stretches from three different valleys to one of the largest deserts; we have commerce that includes aerospace, entertainment, manufacturing and mining.

All of these areas involve small businessmen and women who are trying to cope in an ever-changing regulatory world, all the while supporting their families and the families of their employees.

I am one of those small business owners who is doing my best to determine the best way to run my business during the very difficult times.

The experience that is needed in Washington, D.C., is one that is proven. I have witnessed the leadership of Steve Knight as his partner nearly 25 years ago on the Los Angeles Police Department.

When nobody was looking and with zero political aspirations, Congressman Knight served the people of this district with integrity and honor. He made the tough decisions in the middle of the night, without anyone looking over his shoulder.

He made the right decisions that were always in the best interest of the people he served. Congressman Steve Knight could be trusted then and he can be trusted now to do the right thing.

Congressman Steve Knight understands what the district needs during this difficult time, and what small businesses need to continue to employ people and rebuild the economy.

I trusted Officer Knight to watch my back in a dark alley then, and I trust Congressman Steve Knight to put us back on track now.

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  • ronos

    Speak English Much ?
    Good Lord He was LAPD too.
    I think I’ll stick with the Yale Educated “carpetbagger” rather than the uneducated Right Wing Cop.

    • JeffG

      Ronos, your comments could use some commas and hyphens, so I wouldn’t throw stones if I were. Stick to the issues at hand, not the superficial argument that the left deploys anytime someone disagrees with them… You can leave that other garbage on the playground.

  • Yusef Nazarian

    @Ronos how dare you bash this guy’s English? The Dems are the absolute worst in race baiting and elitist attitudes it makes me sick…

    Caforio IS a carpetbagger who moved here barely before running. He’s insulted and made political hay for no reason. He’s just an empty suit paid for by the DCCC to win this congressional seat and it’s pathetic and obvious. Knight will win and screw the DCCC out of their millions and Caforio can return to them empty handed.

    • Mr. Nazarian, Ronos makes more than one fair point whether you agree, like it or not. Arif Halaby says: “Steve Knight grew up here, served here, and patrolled here as a Los Angeles police officer.” Knight was born at Edwards Air Force Base which is in the Antelope Valley and went to Palmdale High School — also in the Antelope Valley, NOT in the Santa Clarita Valley. Knight “served here and patrolled here as a Los Angeles police officer”? If that’s true then he was way, WAY out of his jurisdiction and breaking the law running down those dark, back alleys with you; the Los Angeles Police Department patrols within the confines of the *city* of Los Angeles. We are in the *county* of Los Angeles which is why we have Los Angeles *County* Sheriffs. So, you are either pig ignorant (which would explain why you were in the LAPD with him — if you are telling the truth) or you are one huge liar. Either way, Arif Halaby, you’re full of it.

      • Oh, by the way you might want to take ANYTHING Mr. Halaby says with a grain of salt noting that in 2011 he was given a DESIST AND REFRAIN ORDER by the State of California for trying to sell stock in his Costa Rica spa without a license: “…the California Corporations Commissioner is of the opinion that the common stock and promissory notes in Majestic Sunset Playa Azul, S.A. that are being or have been offered and sold by Arif Halaby and Total Financial Solutions, Inc.
        are securities subject to qualification under the California Corporate Securities Law of 1968 and are being or have been offered or sold without being qualified in violation of Corporations Code section 25110.” *This* is who is promoting Congressman Steve Knight.

  • Brian Baker

    Looks like the Dem/socialist hysterics are out in force today.

    I’m with Halaby and Nazarian. I’ve lived in this valley for 32 years. Knight’s a native of this district, which does include the Antelope Valley. His dad, Pete Knight, was our State Assembly rep, as well as State Senator. Steve served in his dad’s Assembly seat. He’s spent all his political career representing THIS district, and a lot of time right here in the SCV. He’s well known LOCALLY.

    On the other hand, we have Caforio, who hasn’t even lived here for a year. He’s a Westside carpetbagging shyster who doesn’t know squat about us or our valley or district. Almost all of his funding is from NON-local sources, i.e. the Dem/socialist political machine at the state and national levels. The guy’s a sock-puppet for the Obama/Clinton cabal.

    That’s the plain, unvarnished truth of the matter.

  • It’s amazing to me how much name-calling in which one can indulge when facts fail them: “Dem/socialist hysterics”? I’ve never heard the three terms combined. I know what a Democrat is; s/he is one who voted in Franklin Roosevelt for four unprecedented terms — the man who helped win WWII and was a champion of the common man, the arts and common decency; A Democrat is one like JFK whose intellect and backbone allowed him to stand up to the Soviets over both Berlin and Cuba. A Democrat is LBJ who passed more social legislation than anyone since Reconstruction including the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, funding for public broadcasting, Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protection, aid to education, and programs intended to end poverty. Johnson also promoted the manned space program. A socialist… I don’t think that YOU know what a socialist *is*; it is certainly not someone/something like an oil company that makes BILLIONS per *quarter*, manufactures a problem with a refinery and then raises prices some more. Hysteric? Let’s go to the dictionary. Oxford says it’s: “A wildly emotional and exaggerated reaction.” So, I was accused of being a Democrat — correct, socialist, mmm no and an hysteric. No again. All I did was lay out facts. (Republicans don’t like facts; they react to them by name-calling rather than refute with discourse.) Brian Baker libels Mr. Caforio as a “shyster” which is as deplorable a label one can slap on an attorney (in the vernacular it means “shrewdly dishonest,” or “an unscrupulous lawyer”) because aside from the undercurrent it carries — “offensive, redolent with prejudice and hatred” according to the New York Observer, the word literally translates from the the vulgar German word Scheisse (excrement), hence “scheisser” = “shyster.” This is what we’ve sunk to when the ability to use proper vocabulary or punctuation to discuss ideas denigrates into playground name-calling. ” The guy’s a sock-puppet for the Obama/Clinton cabal??” No, Mr. Caforio is actually EDUCATED which is what most Republicans fear — someone with learning; someone the Founding Fathers actually intended to represent a constituency in our republic. The best and the brightest.

  • Brian Baker

    Hate to tell you this, Miller, but the actual Democrat party was hijacked by the radical Left a very long time ago, as your own examples clearly illustrate, hence the apt and appropriate “Dem/socialist” label I now use. In fact, wasn’t the only other candidate for your party’s nomination a self-avowed socialist in the form of Bernie Sanders?

    Why, yes he was. So “Dem/socialist” it is.

    As to “shyster”, I absolutely stand behind that, too. In fact, I always choose all my words very carefully. Caforio is the embodiment of a shyster, as he’s a lawyer painting himself as the “protector” of the Average Joe, the little people, when in fact he made his money protecting the interests of crony capitalists. So if I were being KIND I’d call him “shrewdly dishonest” . “Shyster’s” a whole lot easier and just as accurate.

    This next one’s really funny: “‘The guy’s a sock-puppet for the Obama/Clinton cabal??’ No, Mr. Caforio is actually EDUCATED which is what most Republicans fear — someone with learning; someone the Founding Fathers actually intended to represent a constituency in our republic. The best and the brightest.”

    I notice that you didn’t even try to deny, in spite of all your obfuscatory blather, that he is a sock-puppet, just as I said. A tool of the entrenched Dem/socialist machine at the state and national level. What happened? A random act of honesty, or did you just get so caught up in your own babbling that you forgot to make your point?

    I also notice that you couldn’t deny that he’s a carpetbagger.

    You’re not really very good at this, are you?

  • Good at feeding trolls? No. So I’ll let you sit with your hyperbolic contradictions, reactionary fear-based insecurity due to your lack of education and anger over a Black Harvard graduate in the White House while you pull out vulgarities “because they’re easier.” And if you think Franklin Delano Roosevelt was part of the “radical Left” (sic) you don’t know history (ie: Fireside Chats) and/or you’re simply an idiot. Also Bernie Sanders is *not* part of the Democratic Party (not the Democrat Party); he’s an Independent who is a Democratic Socialist and if you ever sat inside a classroom you’d know there is a distinction between socialist and Democratic Socialist. By the way, a human being cannot *be* a sock puppet. You are a supremely ignorant man which in and of itself isn’t a crime. But throwing libel around and believing it to be the truth is. I’m finished with you.

  • Brian Baker


    Yeah, it’s probably a good thing to follow that old saw: when you find yourself stuck in a hole, stop digging.

    See ya, toots.

  • Brian Baker

    Oh, and by the way. Your comment is EXACTLY a great example of what I said right at the start: “Dem/socialist hysterics”.

    Especially the “hysterics” part.

    Res ipsa loquitur (that’s hillbilly-speak for “the thing speaks for itself”. You know… in hillbilly Latin)