Cynthia Mansel: Halt the Trump badgering, Caforio

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

Steve Knight has made his position clear on Donald Trump: Will Bryan Caforio be forced to be held accountable for his position on Hillary Clinton?

Day after day, it never stops. Caforio keeps repeating the same old Washington talking points. It’s almost as if he thinks he’s running for president against Donald Trump.

Maybe that’s where the Yale alumni and high-profile Los Angeles attorney’s ambitions lie.

Let’s not give him too tough a time about this, though. It is not like he has been staging faux press conferences with no audience inside his campaign office, or like he moved to the district two weeks before declaring his candidacy.

Wait, he actually has been doing those things? Well then.

In the spirit of fairness, it is time to finally give Caforio a taste of his own medicine and ask him to answer the same questions he’s been asking of others.

Like the rudderless and principle-free campaign he has been running, Caforio has dishonestly badgered Knight to give his opinion on every word of Trump’s campaign, even if Steve already has.

Steve has shown nothing short of integrity and transparency in addressing the issues of the tumultuous presidential campaign. He has addressed when both Hillary Clinton has crossed ethical lines and when Trump has made statements that have standards of decency as well.

Knight has made it clear neither candidate has met the standards for him to make an endorsement.

Has Bryan done the same with Hillary Clinton? The answer is no. While recently in Washington D.C. receiving his marching orders and begging for big money from various left-wing sugar daddies, Caforio refused to answer whether Hillary Clinton has been an honest and trustworthy politician.

Knight has made it clear he certainly does not think Hillary has been in any way honest or transparent, whether it came to her handling of the tragedy in Benghazi, having a secret private server for classified information hidden in a bathroom in Denver, or running a slush fund charity as a way to curry favors with foreign leaders and facilitate a uranium sale to Valdimir Putin’s regime in Russia.

Bryan owes it to his new friends in his new home to tell us the truth and stop hiding behind his focus-grouped lazy attack lines on Steve.

Has Hillary Clinton been transparent and trustworthy during her time as secretary of state? Have her actions been appropriate? Will Bryan be voting for her in November? Does Bryan think she is going to be a good president?

The silence, as they say, is deafening.

Cynthia Mansel is a Valencia resident.

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