Healing Art at Dixon Health Center

Meryl D. Goudey, the new curator/coordinator of the SCAA art exhibit at the Samuel Dixon Family Health Center. Courtesy photo

“Samuel Dixon Family Health Center, Inc. extends our warmest appreciation on behalf of our board of directors, staff and patients to the Santa Clarita Artists Association (SCAA) for their ongoing support and generosity with displaying many beautiful, original artwork at our Newhall Health Center location,” said Philip Solomon, MPA, Chief Executive Officer.

“The gorgeous work of art displayed in the waiting room, exam rooms and hallways create a welcoming environment that helps reduce the stress our patients feel in managing their healthcare, and provides a caring and attractive environment in which our healthcare providers treat their patients.  Each year, over 4,000 patients are treated to seeing these beautiful works of art” said Solomon.

Meryl D. Goudey is the new curator /coordinator of the SCAA art exhibit at the Health Center.  Gerda E. Maxey had been the coordinator at the Newhall location since 2010.

Goudey celebrates nature with whimsical, brightly-stroked animals, vivid butterflies, feathery birds, flowers, dancing ocean waves and sunlit landscapes.

“I feel one with the subjects I paint – they feed my soul. I hope these colors give a sense of well-being and joy to viewers. Painting birds comes from my father’s love of birds, as I watched him showing child-like affection to our parakeets,” said Goudey.

SCAA artists change out every three months. The Samuel Dixon Family Health Center is located at 23772 Newhall Avenue.

The new gallery of SCAA is located at 22508 6th St. in Newhall, where artists showcase their artwork. SCAA, founded in 1989, aims to improve the cultural aspects of Santa Clarita by “Making Visual Art Visible;” helps educate the community on the importance of art; and provides opportunities for creative growth and expression. Their biggest fundraiser of the year, the Art Classic is held October 15-16 at Hart Hall.


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