David Ortega: How can I stand with Caforio?

Steve Knight, Bryan Caforio

I would love to stand with Bryan Caforio. I really would.

I would love to stand side by side with my Democratic candidate and fight for the preservation of the environment, the rights of women and a stronger economy.

The Caforio who can fight for what he believes in and back up his ideas with facts and scientific evidence is the Caforio I would be proud to call my congressional candidate.

I would stand with Caforio as I have stood with Democratic candidates in my district for the last 20 years. But how can I stand with a candidate who can’t even stand for himself?

We have had the misfortune these past few months of an election season riddled with dirty politics, rigged systems and constant attack pieces.

And how does Bryan Caforio add to this turmoil? With his own dirty, tumultuous crusade against incumbent Steve Knight. Being on Bryan Caforio’s email list is like being on the third grade playground listening to a bully trying to deflect his own insecurities by putting down everyone around him.

Except at least the bully isn’t asking other people for money to fund his abuse.

Caforio isn’t fooling anybody by attacking Steve Knight. We know Steve Knight. We like Steve Knight (even if we don’t agree with him on all the issues).

Some of us even voted for Steve Knight. The efforts by the Caforio camp to smear Knight as a woman-hating, Social Security-demolishing, loose cannon candidate are falling on deaf ears.

The one who we really don’t know is Bryan Caforio. We have a national election dedicated to picking the lesser of two evils, so why would Caforio insist on bringing that notion to the local stage by propping up this “Well, you definitely don’t want this Knight character, might as well vote for me” platform?

I wish I could say I support Caforio and his bully tactics. I wish I could say Caforio represented me and the values of my district. I wish I could say these things.

But when I have to vote for the candidate who I believe represents a strong leader and a dedicated public servant, I have to say I stand with Steve Knight.

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