Letters to the Editor Oct. 18


Julie Olsen is best choice for Saugus Union board

As a retired police sergeant, I know quite a bit about public safety. After over two decades in law enforcement, safety is my first thought when I’m in public, especially at my son’s elementary school, where I met a phenomenal parent leader and volunteer: Julie Olsen.

I’ve come to know Julie well and she shares my views on safety. Julie puts security and safety above all else and has a realistic and practical view of what a safe, secure and prepared school should look like.

When Julie’s son entered kindergarten, she observed and raised security concerns and met with school and district officials to explore effective, affordable solutions.

Her initiative led to solutions that have improved campus security and safety – some that are now planned for other campuses and will be funded by Measure EE (which Julie helped to get passed).

She is also working with the city to explore solutions to traffic-related dangers at our schools. I applaud Julie’s initiative and commitment to the safety and well-being of our children in our schools.

Julie is a 25-year learning expert and understands what it takes to provide an effective learning environment for children (and adults) with different learning styles. As a business leader she has experience leading in large organizations and balancing multimillion-dollar budgets.

Julie is a leader with vision and expertise. She didn’t wait till deciding to run for office to get involved.

She sees opportunities to make a difference, explores solutions and produces results.

Parents and staff seek her out to discuss concerns and Julie gets to work on solving them. That’s just who she is.

As a retired olice sergeant and a parent in the district, I trust Julie Olsen completely with my son’s safety and his education. I hope other voters in Saugus’ Trustee Area 3 will join me in voting for Julie Olsen on Nov. 8.

Vanessa Nixon



Caforio is not one of us

Lawyer Bryan Caforio’s mailers attacking Steve Knight coming to my home are great fireplace-burning material.

His claims of being a district resident who knows this district, and one who is a part of the community, are false. The reality is Caforio came to the Santa Clarita Valley recently merely to oust a Republican candidate.

He is simply a carpet-bagger, and those of us in this district who recognize that are not alone.

Ballotpedia reported an L.A. Times interview with Jodie Cooper, executive vice president of the Simi Valley Democratic Club, who also called Caforio a “carpet-bagger.”

The excuses for his move to the SCV are fluid. They have gone from not liking one vote of Steve Knight’s (although Caforio lived in Los Angeles) to his wife’s family living in the Antelope Valley (apparently providing some path to the SCV) – and lately it’s that he wants to start a family here.

Local donations for Caforio are paltry; something like 3 percent. A glance at the Federal Elections Commission report tells the story.

The vast majority are from out-of-district and noticeably out of state: many from attorneys and “ActBlue,” a Democratic online fundraising arm.

Bryan Caforio is just a transplant who is seeking power and will clearly do whatever it takes to get it, even if that means putting up a front by pretending to be a part of a community that he is not.

Betty Arenson


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