My Mom’s the Champ

Richard Myers of Valencia. Courtesy photo

It seems a truism that all mothers worry about their children but my mother carries it to the extreme. If there were ever a competition for the “Worry Queen of the World,” she would be a very strong competitor.

Here’s an example of her talent:

During the Korean conflict I was in the Air Force and stationed near Seoul, Korea. While on leave in Japan I was surprised to come upon a Photo Mat.  For those too young to know, a Photo Mat is about the size of a large Andy Gump.

One side has a curtain entrance. Inside there is a bench facing a built-in camera. You enter, sit on the bench, deposit some money and in just minutes your picture is taken and you have a nice print of yourself from the waist up.

Well, I did that and in my next letter home I included that nice waist up picture of myself.  I should have known better.

The next letter from Mom began, “Tell me the truth, darling, ‘What happened to your legs?’



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