Ogo Okoye-Johnson, Local Author, Delights Again with a 5 Star Book

Chike the Invincible, by Ogo Okoye-Johnson, Ph.D. Courtesy photo

Dr. Ogo Okoye-Johnson, a local author and educator, delights readers once more with her new strikingly colorful picture storybook Chike the Invincible released on August 1.

Santa Clarita resident Ogo Okoye-Johnson, Ph.D., author of Chike the Invincible. Courtesy photo

Chike the Invincible is an inspirational beautifully illustrated picture storybook in the folktale genre that illustrates the indomitable human spirit while teaching lessons in perseverance and valor with good triumphing over evil. Chike, a valiant young boy, grew up in the mighty village of Awor under the loving care of his famous father, Chief Ike and his mother, Chi-Chi. Chief Ike tragically died from a trap laid by his brother Obi. Chike and his mother were ruthlessly banished from Awor by his uncle Obi who declared himself the chief of Awor after the death of Chief Ike. In order to rescue his village from the dominion of the chief of Abah, Chike with the help of Awor’s warriors defeated Abah’s warriors in a battle. In jubilation and gratitude for Chike’s valiance, Awor villagers installed him as their rightful chief at the young age of 18.

Dr. Ogo Okoye-Johnson’s refreshing thriller, Chike the Invincible, transports readers to a village chock-full of valor, poetic justice and intrigue.  Be on the look out for more versions of Chike the Invincible as Ogo plans to turn the book into a feature length animated film, and or cartoon series. Chike the Invincible has received 5 Star reviews from Readers Favorite, teachers, educators, parents, grandparents and readers all over the globe.

Dr. Ogo Okoye-Johnson is a dynamic visionary, mother, writer, educator, humanitarian and multicultural education practitioner. Ogo wrote Chike the Invincible at the request of her readers who loved her first book with a female heroine, Oma the Faithful Daughter and wanted a book with a male hero.  As a mother and former English teacher, Ogo loves reading stories about various cultures in our world to her children and students. She believes in making accessible diverse children’s books to all students in order to develop early literacy and to sustain literacy in students and adults. She holds a Ph.D. in Urban Services/Urban Education with expertise in instructional leadership, curriculum writing and staff development. When she is not writing, working as an educator or volunteering at various community activities, you will find Ogo in her hometown of Santa Clarita and beyond performing, storytelling, and creating arts and crafts at schools, libraries, invited events, and at book fairs and festivals such as LA Times Festival of Books where she transfers her effusive and infectious love of stories to her blissfully engaged listeners.

Follow Ogo at amazon.com/author/ogookoye-johnson.

Find  Chike the Invincible and Oma the Faithful Daughter on  Readers Favorite; Waldorf Publishing; Amazon.com; Kindle.com; Barnes and Nobles.com and Bookstores; Walmart.com; Audible.com; Google Books



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