Tony and Reena Newhall: Vote Boydston and Ferdman for City Council


On the coming Nov. 8 ballot, there are 11 candidates running for Santa Clarita City Council.

In our opinion, two candidates stand above the rest – TimBen Boydston and Alan Ferdman.

TimBen is a 40-year resident of our community and has performed admirably in his short time on the council. He’s one of the few council members who actually seeks input from his constituents.

On all issues facing the city, TimBen studies the pros and cons; he answers calls from the citizens (day and night); and ferrets out the root of the problems. He comes to all City Council meetings well prepared.

TimBen rarely goes with the status quo. Unlike fellow council members, he does not play politics.

But he has encountered roadblocks, including restrictions in placing items on the agenda; and he has been denied the privilege of serving as city mayor.

In taking a stand on certain issues, such as the electronic billboard proposal, he has often found himself in a minority of one against four.

Alan Ferdman, who has lived in our valley more than 50 years, is another candidate whom we strongly endorse.

Alan is the founder and 15-year chairman of the Canyon Country Advisory Committee. He is probably more knowledgeable about local issues than any City Council member.

He attends virtually every meeting of the City Council and speaks at those meetings, championing the causes of the citizens of the community.

As chairman of the Canyon Country Advisory Committee, he would bring knowledge and leadership of an area in our valley that has lacked representation on the council.

Both TimBen Boydston and Alan Ferdman share noble political philosophies – they are prepared to work hard to represent their constituents; they are beholden to no special interests; and they have no intention of using the City Council to further their careers.

We encourage you to cast your vote for them at the Nov. 8 election.

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