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I recently penned a column in the Santa Clarita Valley Business Journal suggesting the fact that the SCV is slated to grow substantially in the next several decades is a key to our economic future.

On Thursday, FivePoint Communities announced a new vision for Newhall Ranch that can transform that idea into reality.

An ordinary news release posted by the California state agencies of Fish & Game and Air Resources announced the update to the Newhall Ranch environmental analysis.

But there is nothing mundane about what is being proposed: a pro-ject that will provide new jobs in the Santa Clarita Valley and much-needed housing for our growing population – all without any contribution to global warming. The net greenhouse gas emissions from the project will be zero. That’s right, zero.

Net Zero Newhall, as the initiative is being called, relies on innovations in construction, renewable energy, transportation, technology and international investments. These innovations will set a new standard for development in California and the rest of the country.

This project shines a light on the Santa Clarita Valley and demonstrates our long history of developing livable neighborhoods and a strong business community. Net Zero Newhall will drive new innovations in how communities are designed, developed and built.

As cities across the country try to incorporate new technologies into their existing infrastructure, we will build smart and sustainable communities from the ground up.

Every day we hear about advances in intelligent transportation systems and clean-energy vehicles. Improvements in energy efficiency of buildings are combining with the on-site generation of renewable energy to make those buildings energy neutral and even energy generators.

Technology is re-shaping mobility and enabling people to share cars, rides and bikes. Advances in batteries can electrify public transportation – even as buses climb the canyon roads of the Santa Clarita Valley.

Net Zero Newhall represents an unprecedented economic development opportunity. It will attract the leaders who share a vision of growth without impact on our global environment, and who are creating the technologies, products and services to achieve that vision.

We will welcome and embrace their innovations in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Holly Schroeder is president & CEO of the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation.

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  • indy

    I like the stuff the Op-ed writer put forth . . .

    I would suggest, however, that these efforts be examined in the context of ‘sustainability’ between population and resources.

    We are not going to have ‘limitless’ economic growth as we’re being promised by politicians reciting outdated folklore.

    You can begin exploring sustainability at these sites:

    I would also suggest this book: The Age of Sustainable Development Paperback – March 3, 2015
    by Jeffrey Sachs

    He outlines the bigger picture issues of sustainability and the challenges facing us with same.

  • robert stauffer

    The developers have caught on with those that seem to be ‘obsessed with emissions’.

    Isn’t it a developers dream to build high density development in the name of sustainability?

    Now ’emissions’ are being used as a reason to approve a project? Boing!!!!!