The Power of a Dream

Cover of Daddy, What if I? Written by former Santa Clarita resident, Trevor Murray. Courtesy photo

Getting ready for bed, questions danced around Aiden’s head. There is so much possibility in the world, and so many choices to be made; but what choice was the correct one?


Author of Daddy, What if I? Trevor Murray. Courtesy photo
Author of Daddy, What if I? Trevor Murray. Courtesy photo

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough,” Mae West.

Curious about what the world has to offer, Aiden started asking his Dad questions. What if I could be a doctor, Dad? Or a fireman? Or a police officer? Artist? Lawyer?” The choices are endless; and the only way to truly know what direction you should follow, is by listening to your heart. What are you passionate about? What do you think about on a regular basis? What direction makes you the most happy?

“Daddy, What if I?” was written for my son Aiden Callanan Murray. My son inspired me to write this book; I wrote it for him, to read to him as he got older. This book was also written for me as a reminder to always pursue my own happiness. Regardless what life throws at you, you can overcome and grow. The beauty about life is the “living” part; learning from your experiences, finding what it is that you enjoy, things that you are passionate about, and what drives you.

It’s very easy as an adult, to get complacent and let certain circumstances control the direction of your life; without even realizing that it has changed you. It’s imperative to look at life with the correct mindset; that there is no such thing as “failure,” but a “change in direction.” Success depicts that of something like a goal obtained; a destination, somewhere you want to be, rather than the process of everything…the journey.

My book isn’t particularly for children alone, but also for adults. “Daddy, What if I?” is a reminder that life is about overcoming what obstacles lie at your feet, and pursuing your dreams. Dreams exist because of the belief system that they are present for us to know what it is we really want. Dreams have the power to change the world; dreams do change the world.

Editor’s note: Trevor Murray is a former Santa Clarita resident and currently resides in the Antelope Valley.

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