Edy Munoz: Honor the SCV war slain

Santa Clarita’s City Council approved installing a granite monument which will honor 50 SCV residents who perished in wars from WWII to present.

My name is Edy and I’m a student of College of the Canyons. I came across the topic of our SCV Fallen Warriors Monument in my English class.

I’m currently working on my service-learning and civic engagement project for the class along with other team members, and I realized that what we will do for our class project is important, but I would also like to make difference when it comes to this memorial.

Sadly, I realized that my power is limited. I can only urge the Santa Clarita City Council to extend the SCV Fallen Warriors Memorial and hope that they will do the right thing and act. The extension I urge is the added extension to the pergola and lighting up the memorial.

I have a brother recently on active duty. I know one day that I, too, may have to lose my blood to this country to make the next generation have the same privileges I have today.

Our veterans in the Santa Clarita Valley gave their lives for us; the soil I walk upon today is the soil our veterans granted us to live.

While my brother signed his life to the service of his country, I am going to college. I think about him every day and all of the sacrifices he is making so that I can have a higher education.

I know that I must do all I can to make his sacrifice mean something. I also know that all of us owe him our gratitude.

We should recognize the people who sacrifice by doing them proper honor and respect. Walking on their names engraved in bricks or pavement (at Veterans Historical Plaza) while the sponsors get their names blazed on raised walls wasn’t the best idea. So therefore, the plan we have now is more suitable for all.

Knowing that none of these actions have been resolved is a knife stab to the heart. What if your family member was listed on that memorial? You would’ve made the effort to do more for him or her as soon as you heard about the plans for the memorial.

So please … make the effort to stand up for the people who served us and who still serve us. Please urge your city leaders to do the right thing.

Make your voices heard. It is the least we can do for the people who lost someone in a battle big or small.

Edy Munoz Valiente is a College of the Canyons student.

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