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Until last November, most of us carried on with our lives, thinking the important, overarching issues affecting us were being taken care of by our elected leaders. Climate disruption is perhaps the most critical and urgent among those issues.

Now that we’ve elected a president who calls climate change a hoax manufactured by the Chinese, however – a president who has placed environmentally unfriendly men in four key positions to influence environmental policy – we can no longer assume a wise captain is steering the ship of state for the benefit of all passengers.

Lately, in fact, the ship has been rocked by some pretty high waves:

  • 2016 was the third year in a row deemed the hottest year on record; 16 of the 17 hottest years ever recorded have occurred since 2000.
  • Unprecedented rainfall measured in feet instead of inches is causing floods like the recent disasters in Louisiana and North Carolina.
  • Scientists say global warming is happening 10 times faster than at any time in Earth’s history; atmospheric levels of methane – a powerful greenhouse gas – are spiking; and the Earth is warming to a climate tipping point.
  • Climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events and is already costing American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.

One would think that, rather than ignoring or countering these facts, the captain would take immediate and decisive action to curb greenhouse gas emissions and address the problem. But instead, his actions are turning the ship back into the storm.

So what is a passenger – that is, a citizen – to do?

In past years, it would have been called mutiny, but today it’s called holding our leaders accountable to the law and their duty to protect our essential natural resources for the survival of present and future generations.

We can put our hands on the helm, too, by invoking our people power and our legal system to force changes for the common good.

And hands on the wheel are coming from some unexpected quarters.

For example, American youth won an important victory for the planet just days after last November’s election. In the case Juliana v. United States, 21 young people ages 9-20 are suing the federal government for violating their rights under the Fifth Amendment, which bars the government from depriving a person of “life, liberty, or property” without “due process of law.”

They charge that the collective actions of the government that have permitted, perpetuated and subsidized this country’s exploitation of fossil fuels do exactly that. Judge Ann Aiken, in a federal district court in Oregon, agreed, describing the fundamental right at issue as “the right to a climate system capable of sustaining human life.”

The decision, which establishes that the people have a constitutional right to force the government to protect the climate, will no doubt be fought all the way to the Supreme Court, but the first hurdle has been crossed.

A movement to establish the legal rights of nature is also gaining steam – in the U.S. and elsewhere. New laws recognize that ecosystems and natural communities have the legal right to exist and flourish, and that residents and their government have the authority to enforce and defend those rights.

The movement in the U.S. started in Tamaqua Borough, Pennsylvania, in 2006 and has now spread to other communities in a number of states. Nature’s rights are being challenged by oil and gas companies in several cases; it remains to be seen how effectively they will be defended.

The best way for citizens to influence national, state and local leaders is to become educated on all aspects and impacts of climate change and then join with others advocating for effective solutions.

To begin educating yourself painlessly, consider attending the upcoming film series “Witnessing Climate Change Firsthand,” which will screen three films produced by National Geographic. Co-sponsored by Citizens’ Climate Lobby/Citizens’ Climate Education and the Santa Clarita Public Library, this free series runs on three consecutive Tuesday nights in April – in honor of Earth Month.

Beginning April 4 with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the Flood – a documentary showing the many facets and impacts of global warming – the series continues with two episodes of Years of Living Dangerously on April 11 and April 18. All films will screen in the community room at the Valencia Library, 23743 Valencia Boulevard, starting at 7 pm.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby/Citizens’ Climate Education is an international group working to educate the public and advocate for national action on climate change. It has an active Santa Clarita Valley chapter.

Cher Gilmore lives in Newhall and is a member of the Santa Clarita chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby/Citizens’ Climate Education.



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  • Brian Baker
  • Ron Bischof

    Another in a series of idée fixe columns by Ms. Gilmore.

    Out of power everywhere at the Federal level and with the “sue and settle” agency ruse foreclosed, the last hope to preclude consumer choice is the judiciary to win what they can’t do via ballot. Additionally, using children as proxies in this ideological battle is an obnoxious practice.

    Don Quixote must be a role model.

    • charles maurice detallyrand

      Is global warming real, Ron?

      • Ron Bischof

        Yes, climate changes, deceased European statesman.

        • charles maurice detallyrand

          I see…..then it’s just mankind isn’t responsible right? I mean man doesn’t have the power to change the climate, would that be correct Ron?

          • Gil Mertz

            Charles, you’re aware that climate changes on other planets, right? Who should we blame for that?

          • charles maurice detallyrand

            How old is our planet?

          • Ron Bischof
          • Gil Mertz

            Ron, thanks for showing our progressive friends how to use Google. I must say, I found the answer fascinating.

            “Based on the very old zircon rock from Australia we know that the Earth is at least 4.374 billion years old. But it could certainly be older.”

            Once again, these guys leave the door open to add more years if they need it to support their personal ideology.

          • Gil Mertz

            As do liberals, Charles. In fact, the age of our planet keeps rising for evolutionists when they see the sheer impossibility of their dogma. Many assign the number based on how long they think it would take for evolution to occur…which is why they keep extending the number.

            “It would take a gazillion years for random chance to be true. Therefore, the earth is a gazillion years old.” This is what passes for science. LOL!

            And now, back to MY question. Who would you blame for climate change on other planets?

          • Ron Bischof

            Are you attempting to speak for me in your risibly simplistic little set piece, deceased one? “Progressives” such as yourself curiously imagine their political opponents lack intellect and/or knowledge.

            Make your point. Or don’t.

          • charles maurice detallyrand

            It’s laughable to ask someone arguing about policies related to climate change if they even believe in climate change in the first place or that man plays a role? How can one even begin to address policy if such differing views aren’t understood and clear?

          • Ron Bischof

            In your case, yes. Because that’s not what I wrote.

            I’ve zero interest in engaging your intentional obtuseness as a rhetorical device.

    • Gary Bierend

      Her tune never changes.

  • jfreed27

    Thank you Cher Gilmore! These events are not happening by chance. So, why even bother with the paid deniers and front groups who thrive creating the delay of a false debate?

    Another powerful (conservative) approach is the ‘carbon fee and dividend’ supported by many Nobel Laureates.

    A revenue neutral carbon fee with a dividend, makes enormous sense! !
    Economists and scientists say it is the best way to create healthy and safe communities. It is not a tax. This way citizens would RECEIVE the carbon fees as a monthly check, for example. That would protect us from price spikes in dirty energy.

Polluters PAY the fees, so it holds fossil fuel corporations responsible for the damages. or externalitites, they cause, hundreds of billions of dollars per year (Harvard School of Medicine).

    • Brian Baker

      “Paid deniers”?

      When does my first check show up?

      • jfreed27

        No, you are just a volunteer. Sorry. BTW: what is the basis of your denial? And, which of your arguments did NOT come from the paid ‘think tanks’ such as Heartland?

        • Brian Baker
        • Ron Bischof

          Anyone who reviews your Disqus profile understands this is your standard opening line no matter the context.

          By the way, the assertion about your Nissan Leaf and Honda Accord V6 is another howler! 😀

          • Gary Bierend

            I checked out his profile, a one trick pony for sure. Since this is his first visit here, I suspect he was invited by someone close to the author. I’m suspecting he won’t be back.

          • jfreed27

            I’m back, Jack. Scoffers are such viral pests. They are complicit, by fostering denial and delay, in the climate change deaths hundreds of thousands per year, 88 per cent of them children (WHO, UNICEF) Have a nice day, scoffers.

          • Gary Bierend

            Why am I not surprised you couldn’t get my name right? It must be frustrating for you alarmists to have people that demand you back up your assertions.

            As for your assertion that “scoffers” are “complicit, by fostering denial and delay, in the climate change deaths hundreds of thousands per year…” based on WHO figures, well, that’s hogwash.

            From the WHO Media Centre “Fact Sheet” Reviewed June 2016:

            “Between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately 250 000 additional deaths per year, from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea [sic] and heat stress.”

            What you are saying and what WHO is saying are not at all the same thing. Additionally, what WHO is saying is not, as they claim, a “fact”, it’s a prediction. You do know the difference between a fact and a prediction, right? If not, maybe this will help:

            “Hillary Clinton will be president” is a prediction.

            “Donald Trump is president” is a fact.

            Come back when you have something more than hysterical hyperbole … and you might want to try a more civil approach, you’d be surprised at the response you’ll get.

          • Gil Mertz

            I read a portion of the study from the Climate Vulnerability Monitor, a study commissioned by 20 of the world’s governments most impacted by global warming and reported to the United Nations. It says, “Most of the 400,000 annual deaths are “due to hunger and communicable diseases that affect above all children in developing countries,”

            So you’re saying jfreed that the problem isn’t dirty drinking water with water borne diseases, malaria, malnutrition, lack of proper health care, or corrupt governments that enrich themselves while their people die… MUST be global warming. Dude…seriously?

            I’ll ask a fourth time. How do you explain climate change on other planets where there are no humans to blame?

            Why do you keep dodging this question?

          • Gary Bierend

            That last question was rhetorical, right?

          • Gil Mertz

            Everything these guys don’t like gets traced back to global warming. Both the UCLA men’s and women’s basketball teams were eliminated this weekend from the NCAA tournament. This was obviously the results of global warming. The only other logical conclusion is that the Russians impacted the outcome.

            How blissful it must be to be a liberal. To have the burden of facts, evidence, and accountability removed from every equation.

          • Gil Mertz

            Would love to know how you’re able to post web addresses, videos and images. Every time I try this I get the message that The Signal is waiting for approval and every time the comment disappears. But when I post the exact same comments but remove the web addresses, videos, and images, it remains. Odd.

          • Ron Bischof

            I’d contact The Signal, Gil. It may be something server side in your profile.

        • Brian Baker

          Y’know, funny thing. The climate’s been changing for, oh… a few billion years. And it will CONTINUE to change for as long as there’s an atmosphere on this blue orb in space. Nothing anyone can do to stop that, no matter what. That’s just an “inconvenient truth”.

          • Gil Mertz

            Ugh…to think that Al Gore won an Oscar, the Nobel Peace Prize and millions of bucks over this hysteria!

          • jfreed27

            bot man

          • Gil Mertz

            Gee jfreed27, that was deep.

            I’ll ask a third time. How do you explain climate change on other planets where there are no humans to blame?

          • jfreed27

            I suppose it depends on the planet. What climate change on what planet are you referring to? It’s far easier to study CC on our own planet, for obvious reasons.

            Every science academy in the world is convinced by the evidence that CO2 emitted by humans is the culprit. We have, since industrial revolution released 600 – 700 billion tons in the atmosphere. If every human on earth owned 14 African elephants and released them, that would be the weight equal to CO2, man made. We have known since 19th Ce that CO2 traps heat. It’s not that crazy to see the connection.

          • Gary Bierend

            Start with Mars.

          • Gil Mertz

            Here are three planets, jfreed. I’ve tried multiple times to include my sources but for some odd reason, whenever I post a web address, image or video, The Signal bounces it out. But you can find these through Google just as I did.

            How do you explain these scientific observations without humans….or elephants?

            “…most scientists agree that Mars was much warmer in the past and even had oceans, which means that the atmosphere was also very different.”

            “Although Pluto resides in the coolest regions of the solar system, the dwarf planet is heating up. Specifically, Pluto’s atmospheric pressure
            has increased by 300 percent, which is more than any other planet in the solar system.”

            “Several noteworthy changes in Jupiter’s atmosphere have been observed in recent years. Three storms merged in 1998-2000, producing what became a new Red Spot in 2005 (Marcus et al., 2006). Baines et al. (2007) describe additional recent changes in Jupiter’s clouds. While these changes are not yet understood, the internal energy and dynamics of Jupiter are sufficient to provide mechanisms for changes of these magnitudes. Periodic changes and upheavals have been observed in Jupiter’s atmosphere for many decades.”

          • jfreed27

            Thanks for your reply. Even on Earth, climate changed without man’s presence. Climate scientists know this. And they know there were other reasons (orbital, precessional or wobble, volcanoes, etc.) None of those reasons are the current causes. All have been checked out, and CO2 is the culprit. We would be in a slow cooling phase otherwise.

          • Gil Mertz

            Soooo…on other planets global warming is caused by orbital, precessional wobbles and volcanoes but only on earth is it being caused by man. Interesting hypothesis. As you stated early, it’s not THAT crazy. Look jfreed, I don’t think anyone is arguing that climate changes on earth and human kind contributes but I’m not convinced that the sky is falling. Even if your theories were true, we’d need the whole world to contribute to make a difference, wouldn’t we? Good luck convincing India, China, and all of Africa. I guess we’re doomed.

          • jfreed27

            We are doomed if we act as if we are doomed. We simply need to take positive steps forward. And Cher G. describes some of those. There are others, such as a rebated carbon fee. Studies point to enough reductions to keep us away from ‘gave over’

          • Ron Bischof

            Reductions, if any, will be negligible.

            However, that’s not the intended purpose. If you pay attention, the globalist bureaucrats will tell you.

            Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of UNFCCC:

            “This is the first time in the history of mankind” she said “that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution. That will not happen overnight and it will not happen at a single conference on climate change, be it COP 15, 21, 40 – you choose the number. It just does not occur like that. It is a process, because of the depth of the transformation.”



            Ottmar Edenhofer, co-chair of the IPCC Working Group III:

            “Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection, says the German economist and IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which the distribution of the world’s resources will be negotiated.”

            Folks like Ms. Gilmore and yourself, although no doubt with good intentions, are unwitting dupes to an incremental scheme to implement supranational command and control of economies and populations.

          • Gary Bierend

            Well done Ron.

          • Gil Mertz

            Exactly correct, Ron. Climate change is about heaping guilt, raising taxes, and controlling behavior – the trifecta for liberals. It’s been the same sick motivation for Obamacare. It’s all about the government controlling how we live under the guise of healthcare or saving the planet. Truly evil.

          • Gil Mertz

            Terrific! Now if we can just get the rest of the 7,000,000,000 people of earth on board, we should be able to reduce CO2 emissions by .001%.

            I feel so much better now.

          • Gary Bierend

            Still doesn’t explain Mars warming.

          • jfreed27

            Do we know that Mars warmed? It may be that its gravity was insufficient to hold water vapor, or some other reason, such as Elon Musk started a styrofoam factory there and that did it. jk

          • Gary Bierend

            Still no answer on Mars warming.

          • jfreed27

            Do your homework. Mars has cooled, not warmed. It may have cooled as it lost greenhouse gases. Or orbital changes…Still not known.

            Of course, on Earth we do know why it has warmed. That is most important for the well being of future generations. I think I will leave the discussion now.

            I wish you luck. Many of the questions you ask me can be answered on line, if you go to the trouble to find out.

          • Gary Bierend

            Leaving so soon? How will we ever get by without you? I suspect you got your “Mars is cooling” nonsense from skeptical science. You don’t seem to be the type that invites information that runs counter to your preconceived misconceptions, but just for fun, look at the staff from skeptical science. It’s laugh out loud funny.

            I did my homework, did you do yours? Mars is warming in spite of what the alarmist websites say. One example, from Space dot com:

            “Red Planet Heats Up: Ice Age Ending on Mars”
            May 26, 2016

            Another from principia-scientific dot org:

            “Mars Melt Hints At Solar, Not Human, Cause For Warming, Scientist Says”
            May 6, 2016

            Apparently it’s been happening for a while, another from NASA dot gov:

            “A Gloomy Mars Warms Up”

            I suppose NASA is paid to say that though, right? Farewell.

          • Jim de Bree

            I made similar observations about a year and half ago and was told by Indy that I didn’t know what I was talking about.

            Here are my questions for Ms. Gilmore.

            I recently flew over Greenland and noticed that the glaciers have significantly retreated and you can see mountains, etc. where previously you only saw ice. They have recently discovered remains of Viking settlements in Greenland that were covered by ice until recently. See

            If we did not previously experience a warmer climate, how were the Vikings able to settle in Greenland a thousand years ago?

            I recently visited a town that was founded by my ancestors in the Netherlands 800 years ago. For two centuries they grew grapes and made wine. Today the climate in Holland is much too cold to grow grapes. These activities preceded the industrial revolution by hundreds of years. If we are facing record heat today, why was it warmer then?

            Man wants to control his environment and hates to see change. Yet the reality is that the Earth, including its climate are extremely dynamic. Those who believe we can control the climate have an extreme amount of hubris. Climate change is a politically charged issue. We should focus our efforts on dealing with the change instead of trying to stop it.

          • Gil Mertz

            Ahhh…Indy. Anyone who said anything that didn’t fit into his small ideological box didn’t know what they were talking about, Jim.

            Climate change has indeed become a politically charged issue with those supporting it claiming they base their evidence on science. And yet, many of this same crowd supports transgenderism which is as anti-science as you can get.

            As I shared previously, climate change is about shaming, controlling behavior, and raising taxes – the trifecta for liberal ideology.

        • Gil Mertz

          Isn’t the burden of proof on you jfreed? You can’t claim something is true and then demand that others prove it’s not true. And I’ll ask you the same question I posed to Charles. Climate change exists on other planets. Who do we blame for this?

          • Brian Baker

            Stop confusing the issue with your pesky facts.

          • jfreed27

            So you dodge my questions. Ok, you may have nothing, I get it.

            Proof? Neither you nor I are competent to evaluate the evidence, or set requirements for proof.. That is why climate scientists spend years in training. I think our leaders should heed not you, Mr. Mertz, but the following science academies, all who say climate change is real, human caused and catastrophic:: Action)
            1. Academia Chilena de Ciencias, Chile
            2. Academia das Ciencias de Lisboa, Portugal
            3. Academia de Ciencias de la República Dominicana
            4. Academia de Ciencias Físicas, Matemáticas y Naturales de Venezuela
            5. Academia de Ciencias Medicas, Fisicas y Naturales de Guatemala
            6. Academia Mexicana de Ciencias,Mexico
            7. Academia Nacional de Ciencias de Bolivia
            8. Academia Nacional de Ciencias del Peru
            9. Académie des Sciences et Techniques du Sénégal
            10. Académie des Sciences, France
            11. Academies of Arts, Humanities and Sciences of Canada
            12. Academy of Athens
            13. Academy of Science of Mozambique
            14. Academy of Science of South Africa
            15. Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS)
            16. Academy of Sciences Malaysia
            17. Academy of Sciences of Moldova
            18. Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
            19. Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran
            20. Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt
            21. Academy of the Royal Society of New Zealand
            22. Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Italy
            23. Africa Centre for Climate and Earth Systems Science
            24. African Academy of Sciences
            25. Albanian Academy of Sciences
            26. Amazon Environmental Research Institute
            27. American Academy of Pediatrics
            28. American Anthropological Association
            29. American Association for the Advancement of Science
            30. American Association of State Climatologists (AASC)
            31. American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians
            32. American Astronomical Society
            33. American Chemical Society
            34. American College of Preventive Medicine
            35. American Fisheries Society
            36. American Geophysical Union
            37. American Institute of Biological Sciences
            38. American Institute of Physics
            39. American Meteorological Society
            40. American Physical Society
            41. American Public Health Association
            42. American Quaternary Association
            43. American Society for Microbiology
            44. American Society of Agronomy
            45. American Society of Civil Engineers
            46. American Society of Plant Biologists
            47. American Statistical Association
            48. Association of Ecosystem Research Centers
            49. Australian Academy of Science
            50. Australian Bureau of Meteorology
            51. Australian Coral Reef Society
            52. Australian Institute of Marine Science
            53. Australian Institute of Physics
            54. Australian Marine Sciences Association
            55. Australian Medical Association
            56. Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
            57. Bangladesh Academy of Sciences
            58. Botanical Society of America
            59. Brazilian Academy of Sciences
            60. British Antarctic Survey
            61. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
            62. California Academy of Sciences
            63. Cameroon Academy of Sciences
            64. Canadian Association of Physicists
            65. Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences
            66. Canadian Geophysical Union
            67. Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
            68. Canadian Society of Soil Science
            69. Canadian Society of Zoologists
            70. Caribbean Academy of Sciences views
            71. Center for International Forestry Research
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            75. Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
            76. Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences
            77. Crop Science Society of America
            78. Cuban Academy of Sciences
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            81. Ecological Society of Australia
            82. Environmental Protection Agency
            83. European Academy of Sciences and Arts
            84. European Federation of Geologists
            85. European Geosciences Union
            86. European Physical Society
            87. European Science Foundation
            88. Federation of American Scientists
            89. French Academy of Sciences
            90. Geological Society of America

            91. Geological Society of Australia
            92. Geological Society of London
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            97. Indonesian Academy of Sciences
            98. Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
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            101. Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK
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            103. International Alliance of Research Universities
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            105. International Association for Great Lakes Research
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            107. International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences
            108. International Research Institute for Climate and Society
            109. International Union for Quaternary Research
            110. International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
            111. International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
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            113. Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
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            127. National Academy of Sciences, Sri Lanka
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            152. Romanian Academy
            153. Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium
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            197. Zimbabwe Academy of Sciences
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          • Ron Bischof

            You misrepresented the list by adding your descriptor “catastrophic”.

            Here’s what the source actually states:

            “(Scientific Organizations That Hold the Position That Climate Change Has Been Caused by Human Action)”


          • jfreed27

            Google a few of these at random. Read what it says about consequences. Most will describe them as serious. Which say “no big deal”?

          • Ron Bischof

            No. You intentionally misquoted your source and revealed yourself as an ideologue.

            You won’t find an audience here for your cut and paste scripts.

          • Gil Mertz

            While you’re at it, Google Galileo and see how the scientists and academics of his day thought he was crazy and placed him under arrest.

          • jfreed27

            Deniers still think scientists are crazy.

          • Gary Bierend

            Well you know Ron, consensus is the key to all science.

          • Ron Bischof

            Yes, he’s a fan of argumentum ad populum.


          • Gary Bierend

            I picked one of the organizations on your list at random, the American Society of Civil Engineers, #45, and tried to verify your claim that they believe that climate change is caused by man. I could find nothing that confirmed your claim, please provide evidence that supports your claim.

          • jfreed27

            smeer man.

          • Gil Mertz

            Speak for yourself when it comes to evaluating evidence, jfreed. I can post just as long a list as you from scientists who disagree with your theories. I know, I know….your scientists are smarter than my scientists, right? LOL

            And I didn’t dodge your question. I said you cannot claim something is true and demand that others prove it’s not true. That’s like saying you’re a wife beater….unless you can prove you don’t beat your wife.

            However, I did notice that you dodged MY question. No problem. I’ll ask again. Climate change exists on other planets. Who do we blame for this?

          • jfreed27

            You did dodge. I asked what is the basis of your denial. CRickets.

          • Gil Mertz

            It’s been reported that you beat your wife jfreed. What is the basis of your denial? Prove that these statements are not true or else you’re guilty.

          • Brian Baker

            Oh, good grief. This out-of-town nobody is still bleating his inane climate hysteria drivel?

    • Ron Bischof

      Conspiracy theories, taxation of all economic activity and conspiracy theories? Amusing.

  • Gil Mertz

    But first, we must find and destroy the Loche Ness Monster before we are all doomed!

    This scheme is nothing more than a way to lure stupid mellinials into the Democratic Party. Imagine a world without cell phones or computers or texting or tweeting because we have no power. Be afraid….be VERY afraid!!! OMG…what’s the answer?

    Vote Democrat because they believe in science. Just don’t ask them to explain the science behind transgenderism. With these slimy windbags it’s all politics all the time.

  • lois eisenberg

    “We the People’ must solve climate change”
    Don’t ask what the climate change agencies can do for you
    ask what you can do for the climate change agencies ??

  • Linda Beck

    Stopped reading after the first sentence. It is clear this woman is certainly not speaking for me. I wonder if she has a “real job” or is just trying to get rich off of the climate change scare like Al Gore did. 99% of the time you can just follow the money with these hypocrites.

  • Brian Baker
  • Gary Bierend

    Hmmm, looks like everything from jfreed27 is gone. I wonder if he self deleted, or if The Signal did it for him.

    • Ron Bischof

      Likely the latter, as his profile name is non-compliant with policy.

      • Gary Bierend

        And yet charles maurice detallyrand remains, even in this very thread. One can only speculate as to why he gets a pass.