Just for today

Artwork by Saugus resident and artist, Naomi Young. Courtesy photo
Just for today I’ll try to look my very best, Put on makeup and be well dressed Perhaps I’ll even relax and rest   Stop analyzing Stop agonizing Feeling unaccomplished and such Feeling sorry for myself so much   Calm and focused I shall stay And won’t let others ruin my day I’ll laugh a lot and in my own way Spread love and continue to play,   Just for today I’ll be no more Too busy and ignore The ones I love to my core, For only with them I soar,   Today I’ll listen to a new song I won’t feel stuck and move on Know that I belong Remember that I’m strong   So just for today I’ll sit in the sun Maybe smile more and have fun, Find time to paint and write Engage only with what brings me delight   Create, love and explore That’s what my life is for, Just for today I’ll be good to myself If not me, then who else?