Tennis for Life

Daniele Kosanke and her tennis partner Gayle Vogel. Photo courtesy of Ray Kosanke

The Santa Clarita Valley has been my home for over 16 years, providing me with multiple opportunities to play tennis, my favorite sport. I love being outside, breathing fresh air, enjoying our beautiful public parks, and playing some tennis with friends. I was born in Belgium where citizens there do not have the amazing advantage of having access to free tennis courts, so I do not take this American benefit for granted.

Tennis truly is a sport that is beneficial for both body and mind. It does provide a full body workout while keeping the player mentally stimulated.

Tennis is an aerobic activity that improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, and improves metabolic functions while preserving bone density.

Tennis will keep you fit, as you lower body fat while burning calories having fun on the court. This sport greatly contributes to keeping the body agile and limber. Coordination and balance on the court may prevent potential falls off the court.

There are some prerequisites for personal safety. Always condition yourself before you play, stretch your muscles, and apply a broad spectrum lotion to protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation. It is essential to stay hydrated, especially during the summer heat, so bring along some cool water. Wear socks and appropriate tennis shoes that will keep your feet comfortable. In addition to vital physical benefits, I find that tennis lifts my spirit, as a healthy mood-altering activity. Focusing on my game strategy liberates me from daily concerns and worries. Tennis has taught me to stay positive in my outlook. After playing tennis in the morning, my day seems to run more smoothly.

Even though tennis is an individual game that tends to be competitive by nature, it definitely improves social skills when fair play is practiced and encouraged. Players have to learn to be gracious winners or losers. In the course of the years I have seen and enjoyed many lasting friendships blossom on the court.

You do not need to be a perfect athlete to play tennis. You can practice this sport at all ages. If all you need is a friendly game of tennis at a public park, or you want to ease back into the sport, you are welcome to join us on the court. Call Daniele at 661-310-4922.

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