Gordon Katz: Time to say ‘enough’ to government spending

Cartoon by Robert Botts

It is time for the taxpayers of this state to rise up and say “enough.”

Several times last year in comments to The Signal I warned that every measure coming up for a vote was nothing but a scam. 

All those “measures” seemed so important, and it was hard for us to say no, but come on. California can no longer afford to be all things to all people.

The rich do not care and the middle class is being taxed to death. We must find programs that are not duplicated on the local and state levels and weed them out.

Over the past year, the homeless population in the Santa Clarita Valley has gone up 25 percent, despite Measure H to raise funds for the homeless being shoved down our throats in March.

I know that College of the Canyons does a great job, but it does not pay off the money “we” loaned it.

Now, with that useless bullet train being billions over budget and the money bills being considered in Sacramento, the taxpayer does not have a chance.

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