It’s Raining Medals for SCV Youth Wrestling

Top row, l-r, America Lopez, Priscilla Ramirez, Lucas Mendoza, Coach Brian Peterson, Trent Munoz, Alex Munoz and Daniel Hernandez. Bottom row, r-l, Braden Smelser, Zeth Abalos, Hank Sharbonow, Slater Hicks, Diesel Hicks, Gavin Pongsai and Nick Lopez. Courtesy photo

Peterson Grapplers wrestlers traveled all over Southern California and successfully competed in many tournaments including Arizona. “From big tournaments like the U.S Open to smaller venues, I’m very proud to coach these talented kids.”- Owner Brian Peterson

Top row right America Lopez placed 1st– L.A. Angel City Grand Prix, Priscilla Ramirez placed 1st – L.A.  Angel City Grand Prix, Lucas Mendoza placed 3rd -LAWA Montebello, Trent Munoz placed 1st -LAWA Montebello, Alex Munoz placed 1st -LAWA Montebello, Daniel Hernandez placed 2nd -LAWA Torrance.

Bottom row right to left, Braden Smelser  placed 4th– U.S Open Western Regionals,  Zeth Abalos placed 4th -LAWA Santa Fe Springs, Hank Sharbonow placed 2nd -LAWA Santa Fe Springs, Slater Hicks placed 1st -RMA Terminator National Championships, Diesel Hicks placed 6th at -RMA Terminator National Championships, Gavin Pongsai placed 2nd -LAWA Montebello, Nick Lopez placed 1st at -San Inez.


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