Out of the bunker: Higher equals straighter

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I watch players every day throwing down alignment sticks to check their aim while practicing on the range.

It’s a great idea.

Anybody who plays the game recognizes the importance of alignment. What drives me crazy, however, is when I witness players scratching their heads after each shot that strays too far left or right of their intended target.

Sometimes the ball hooks, while other times it slices. Better players prefer the terms draw and fade, but you get the idea.

If you fall under the category of a player who is constantly working on hitting the ball straighter, get rid of the alignment stick and try a new approach.

I like for my players to work on hitting their golf ball higher to also hit the ball straighter. Often, players are so concerned with hitting the ball straight that they are simply out of position at the moment of impact with the ball.

In other words, their posture and balance has shifted too much by the time they get back to striking the ball.  I have found that players tend to stay in a much better position as they focus instead on hitting the ball higher.

Players who focus on hitting the ball higher tend to improve in two key areas of the golf swing.

Generally, their posture improves because they pay closer attention to the angle in their shoulders. In addition, I always notice a huge improvement in their transition leading into their downswing.

The transition is that moment when a player completes their backswing and begins their downswing.

Players who are overly concerned with hitting the ball straight tend to rush their transition, while players who are more concerned with hitting their ball higher tend to have a much more fluid transition.

In order to hit the ball higher, you must do a better job of staying behind the ball as you strike it, and this does wonders for a players’ rhythm.

The next time you practice, spend some time focusing on hitting your golf ball higher.  You’ll be amazed at how straight your ball will begin to fly

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