Cardenas: Let’s get going on Fallen Warrior Monument

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As a current veteran who deployed in 2014 to Afghanistan, I couldn’t stress more the importance of honoring our fallen troops.

The Fallen Warriors Monument is an excellent way to honor our troops who have sacrificed their lives during times of war because it recognizes their courageous efforts through American history.

Unfortunately, the approval has been held up because the community has not been able to find names to represent fallen warrior from World War I. Therefore, I am proposing the monument be approved without names for veterans from that conflict.

This idea came up more than a year ago and the more time that passes, the less impact the idea of honoring our fallen troops has.

Enough money to build the monument has already been raised. The rate at which the money was raised was astonishing. In just 71 days the community raised more than $52,000, and overall has collected more than $56,000, which tells me that the community wants this to happen.

The monument must be approved because as stated earlier if we allow too much time to pass the idea becomes less relevant in the sense that it may be forgotten.

It’s time we honor the fallen troops from the Santa Clarita Valley because we need something to recognize the sacrifice these men made. Although it would be amazing to honor every single veteran from every war we have fought, Santa Clarita only has one WW I veteran who survived that war, and thus his name does not qualify to be on the monument.

Kevin Cardenas

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