Kevin Eliason: Going to miss the Big K

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

When we moved here in 1981 there was nothing but Kmart to shop at. No mall, Targets, big box stores – just K-Mart … and Mervyns came shortly after. Now it’s also gone.

I reckon that’s called progress and signs of how times change. Not always for the better, however. Friends and neighbors worked at Kmart. A group of employees even won the lottery one year, and the winnings were shared by all. Those Blue Light Specials were fun!

Our Kmart served us all very well since 1973, and it will be missed. I wish the best to all employees. Stop by and just say thanks. It has not been easy the last few years with all the downsizes and mergers.

I wonder what will fill that large vacant building, not unlike other, similar vacant large store sites here in Santa Clarita. But it won’t be the same without that Big K on the corner.


Kevin Eliason

Santa Clarita

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