Gil Mertz: A chance for Congress to act


This past week President Trump announced the suspension of DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created by executive order of his predecessor. A major part of Barack Obama’s legacy will be as the “deferred” president.

From trillions more added to our debt, to ignoring global threats, to arbitrarily deferring the most painful elements of Obamacare, he was all about doing what felt good in the moment while deferring the serious consequences to others.

After a week of praise on Trump for his actions in Houston and seeing America coming together, Democrats and their Political Action Committee known as the mainstream media were desperate to change the discourse back to divisive and groundless accusations about racism and the Russians.

The president’s actions on DACA gave them what they were craving, and they didn’t disappoint with their Trump Derangement Syndrome, including Barack Obama himself.

What makes this story particularly deranged is how Obama told the American people repeatedly that he didn’t have the constitutional authority to change the law on immigration.

During a town hall meeting at Bell Multicultural High School in the District of Columbia on March 28, 2011, Obama said, “There are enough laws on the books that are very clear in terms of how we enforce our immigration system that for me to, simply through executive order, ignore these constitutional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president.”

And yet he did the unconstitutional and the inappropriate by going around Congress to implement his executive order called DACA. The reason Obama acted on his own is because a Democratic Congress failed to pass the so-called “Dream Act” in 2010.

On Feb. 14, 2013, during a Google+ Hangout, Obama further said: “We have certain obligations to enforce the laws that are in place, even if we think in many cases the results may be tragic.”

And yet when President Trump makes the hard decision to practice what Obama was preaching, Obama condemns him, to the delight of the political left and the media.

Despite the irrational howls of how much Donald Trump hates immigrants, the Trump administration’s suspension of DACA is actually a six-month phase-out intended to give Congress time to create an appropriate legislative solution that helps solve our illegal immigration problem.

This was the compassionate and constitutional solution Obama bypassed – but I’d be willing to bet these facts are never mentioned in the mainstream media.

What’s most shameful is how many of the same Democrats who voted against the Dream Act are now feigning outrage – because it’s good politics. For them, DACA doesn’t represent children of illegal immigrants. It’s about 800,000 future Democratic voters.

And in the strange world of today’s Democratic Party, children of illegal immigrants are called “dreamers.” Americans who support the rule of law on illegal immigration are called “deplorables.”




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