Laura Tenney: We want our Tuesday Trivia

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I opened my paper Sept. 26 and saw that the Tuesday Trivia was not on the back of the first page of the paper. Our family loves Tuesday Trivia. I cut it out each week and read it at dinner time with all of us answering and laughing and guessing.

I s-o-o-o-o hope it was just a glitch in this week’s paper, and that you will continue Tuesday Trivia next week and every week after that. We love it! It’s a great way to share fun facts together, and it’s in the paper, not on a phone.

Laura Tenney
Santa Clarita

Editor’s note: Laura Tenney wasn’t the only Signal reader we heard from who missed Tuesday Trivia this week. The Signal’s Graphics Department apologizes for neglecting to include Tuesday Trivia on page A2 this week and assures readers it will not be forgotten in the future.

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