Jim Horton: The Trump bias

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It would appear that Gary Horton has learned a new word and unlike liberals in total, he bothered to look up the meaning.  This may start a trend among liberals, actually knowing what they are talking about.

And then he went off the rails and began gnashing his teeth about President Trump. It is hard to imagine the depth of the bias that liberals harbor toward our President.  We all went through 8 years of Obama and his apology tour through the rest of the world to the embarrassment of the people of this country.  And prior to that we had 8 years of Clinton and his sophomoric approach to the presidency.

We collectively dodged a bullet when Hillary was not elected and I’m sure that most of the U.S. and the world uttered a sigh of relief.  Now she is intent on compounding the felony by her latest book and the subsequent tour.  The Clintons are a criminal enterprise that rivals the mafia and should be dealt with accordingly.

Jim Horton


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