Richard Myers: We need smaller buses

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Some people may have already written on this subject.  I hope so for I would hate to believe this waste had gone unnoticed.

I’m talking about our bus system.  The Santa Clarita Transit system.

In my travels about our city, I cover a vast area and I’ve been doing so for years and I’m sad to report that it is a rare site to see one of our buses with more than one or two passengers.   A great deal of time it is just the driver.

Yet, we certainly have to have a bus system that can be relied upon by our citizens and so I am not suggesting any reduction in service but rather a reduction in bus size.

I’m suggesting we get rid of the big buses as it seems even the smaller ones are more that ample to carry our passenger load.

I think this should lead so some savings on fuel and replacement costs.

If  I’m wrong about this, I hope one of our readers will correct me.

Richard Myers




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