Richard Myers: Won’t read columnist again

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Letters to the Editor
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I just finished reading Susan Stampler Brown’s, “Sick of the NFL? Play Kaepernick-Hole on Sunday.” It is the first piece that I have read by this lady and it will be the last.

It absolutely made me nauseous. And can you believe it — according to The Signal she was selected as on of America’s 50 best conservative writers. Good grief.

She’s not happy with Kaepernick’s protest so what does she do? I wouldn’t have imagined it but she said it: She has her husband (he must be a piece of work too) build an image of Kaepernick’s face with open mouth so she can play, “Shoot the poop” with her dog’s crap. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

You know every time we have a mass killing, investigators are always looking for a red flag from the past. Something that might have warned them of what might be coming.

Well folks, someone better keep an eye on Miss Brown. She may be just fine.
Perhaps she really doesn’t play “Shoot the Poop” but just came up with the idea for her column. Nevertheless, it does make one wonder.

If she is one of our 50 best conservative writers, please save me from the other forty-nine!

Richard Myers

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