Albert Bigelow: Tax bill: What are the facts?

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Letters to the Editor
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The recent letter to the editor from Susan Cornner is long on words but short on facts.

Her letter seems a lot like Sen. Chuck Schumer’s mouthing about anything proposed by the Republicans.

Schumer has a clever way of finding a single instance where some legislation might benefit “the rich” or harm the “middle class.” At least he is accurate. Susan Cornner isn’t even that.

Her statement “The budget bill eliminates the state and local tax deductions so important to Californians” is short on facts.

Here are two: First, the tax deductions are not part of the budget bill; they are one proposed part of the tax bill. Second, she and Schumer pick at pieces of a bill that is not complete.

Remember, there are already two tax bills emerging: one from the House and another from the Senate.

They must go for a process called Reconciliation in which differences can be resolved. After Reconciliation both houses vote again.

Finally, the president decides to sign or veto. Susan may not agree with Rep. Knight, but it is not constructive to distort facts.

Albert Bigelow
Santa Clarita

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