Gary Curtis: Moore trouble

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Letters to the Editor
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Judge Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for the Senate to replace former Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, has been accused by four women of improper physical contact with them nearly 40 years ago when they were underage teenagers and he was a young assistant district attorney or judge.

Of the four women, who were sought out by the press, the youngest at the time was Lisa Corfman, who was only 14 when she willingly joined him for their two dates.

She is the only one who says the physical contact with Moore went beyond kissing but did not include intercourse.

Judge Moore, who is now 70, denied the charges in a written statement: “These allegations are completely false and are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign.”

Later, his campaign said that if the allegations were true they would have surfaced during his previous campaigns. They summed up the decades-old charges of impropriety as “fake news” and “intentional defamation.”

Republicans leaders are scrambling to consider their other options for the Dec. 12 special elections in Alabama.

It appears that the date has passed when Moore’s name could be removed from the ballot, although some are suggesting they urge supporters to write in the name of Luther Strange, the currently appointed Senator who lost to Moore in the Republican primary.

In our currently changing culture, “sexual liberties” are suddenly not being celebrated, though Hugh Hefner still is and Hollywood scandals still unfold for celebrity predators. Can you spell “hypocrisy”?

The Bible says God will judge sexually unfaithful marrieds, as well as sexually active singles. (Hebrews 13:4 calls them adulterers and fornicators.)

Sometimes judgment comes with shining the light of truth on hidden history, lifestyles and actions.

A pastor once told teens and young singles, “Keep your clothes on, your hands to yourself, and your feet on the floor and you won’t get in sexual trouble.”

It is still sound advice for all of us!

Gary Curtis
Santa Clarita

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