Jim Horton: Answer to mass shootings: arm the populace

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Regarding Gary Horton’s column “Pray that we act against mental illness” published Nov. 8 in The Signal: Another missive full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.

Who in his wildest imaginings would think that we could pull someone off the streets and submit him or her to psychiatric treatment against his will – be he a potential killer or not? We simply don’t work that way.

As Gary Horton – no relation – may or may not have noticed, when we send our people into combat, we arm them with the best weapons that we have.

It is well known that if you engage someone with a weapon, your best defense is to have a weapon of your own. Prayers won’t stop a potential killer, but another bullet will.

Until we have the will to arm our populace, these type of occurrences will continue. Can you imagine how our liberal politicians would react if someone so much as proposed it arming the populace? But as we all know, that is the only way to stop these events from taking place.

Jim Horton


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