Richard Myers: Dangerous onramp

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m writing today to prevent an accident and perhaps save a life.

There is a very dangerous traffic condition for anyone driving and taking Calgrove to enter the Interstate 5 freeway Southbound.

Consider for a moment the usual scenario when entering any freeway in any direction:  The driver entering understands that there may be oncoming cars in the slow lane and that he should adjust his speed to accommodate oncoming vehicles.

At the same time, drivers in the slow lane are aware that there may be vehicles entering and that speed should be adjusted to accommodate them.

It’s kind of an unwritten mutual partnership and it works.

This is not the case at Calgrove.  Those entering are not aware that they are on a “makeshift onramp”  Rather, they think they are in a their own lane until they suddenly realize that a truck or car is barreling down at them.  The drivers barreling down at them are surprised by their entrance because they didn’t realize there was an “onramp.”

It’s a frighteningly dangerous situation and so I urge anyone considering Calgrove as an entry to the Interstate 5 Southbound, to take a few moments and use Lyons Avenue.  So much safer, but if your in the slow lane as you approach Calgrove…Watch Out.


Richard Myers


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