VaNile Risser: Thanks for giving credit where it’s due

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I used to love Jim Walker’s columns. They made me smile/laugh and happy, but the previous owner let him go.

Then I discovered Steve Lunetta! He was also a stress-reliever with his tales of him and Uncle Earl. Just extremely enjoyable columns.

Lately he has been a bit more serious in his writing. However, he makes so much good sense in a good-natured way that his columns are still terrific and valid on his subjects.

A recent criticism on his writing about Hollywood cleaning up its act somewhat surprised me. Steve was right on target, and with a very valid subject. As for the suggestion that Washington needed it more – and no one disagrees that needs to be done – it is my belief that it was just the writer’s way of having an excuse to bad-mouth Trump. Poor girl, life seems so grim for her in so many ways!

As for the more serious side of life, I really enjoy the contributions of Betty Arenson and Brian Baker. They always make a lot of sense. And the letters to the editor in the Nov. 2 issue of The Signal were interesting and helpful. Thank you.

I quite enjoy the articles you print regarding our locality – those both lovely and informative. I am almost too old to get involved in much of the action taking place in our valley, but it’s nice to be kept informed.

National news I can get on the TV, and most of it stinks! But it’s life in this day and age. One has to keep a hopeful, optimistic attitude, and it ain’t always easy!
So thank you, Signal, for giving credit where it is due locally.

VaNile Risser
Canyon Country

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