Nicholas Montenegro: Rep. Knight is harming his district

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Congressman Knight, what you have done to your district is appalling. Last year in 2016, when the Los Angeles mountain range caught fire, instead of aiding your constituents you vote to cut tax deductions that would protect personal losses to wildfires.

And now you’re supporting the removal of net neutrality, which will only funnel money into unknown projects instead of actual policies and government-run projects that could help citizens.

Net neutrality protects small business, the middle class, lower class, upper class, and everyone who isn’t a telecommunication company. So unless you represent the telecommunications industry, I would implore you to protect net neutrality.

There are so many problems with your district, Rep. Knight – I could go on for pages! I’m sure you’re fully aware of the opioid epidemic and the gross mishandling of the Sheriff’s Department.

You were able to beat Caforio in the 2016 elections, but with your record the 2018 midterms will likely be the year you lose your seat.

Nicholas Montenegro

Canyon Country

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