Bill Statler: California in trouble

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Letters to the Editor
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Kudos to Bob Searcy for his letter, “The State of the State,” published on Jan. 5. I couldn’t agree with you more, Bob. I was born in this state 76 years ago and lived here all of my life. There was a time when you could lift your head high and proudly say, “I live in California,” but not anymore.

Thanks to (Gov. Jerry) ‘Moonbeam’ Brown and the rest of the Democratic leaders in this state, California has gone right down the trash chute. They have declared California a sanctuary state, which is against federal law. Hopefully, Trump will discontinue federal aid to California until this changes. The Democrats want to give the illegal immigrants the right to vote. The Constitution of the United States specifically states that you must be a citizen to vote.

Brown is constantly raising taxes on everything he can think of which he says is for the good of the state. This is a lie. This money is for his ridiculous train. The short span he is now having constructed is now up to $10.6 billion, and will continue to rise in cost. Can you imagine what we could do with this money to help fix the infrastructure of this state?

The final death blow to this state was legalizing marijuana. Again, the Democrats reasoning is that this will bring vast quantities of tax money into the state. No, more money for Moonbeam’s train. There are three groups of people that don’t believe marijuana is a gateway drug: those who are already hooked on drugs; those who are completely naïve to the effects of marijuana; and thirdly, those who are just ignorant.

Wake up people, California is in trouble.

Bill Statler
Santa Clarita

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