Dick Cesaroni: Enough already on the burger joints

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

No, what? No, what you say? Are you telling me that an out-of-town company is going to open another burger joint where we were hoping El Pollo Loco was supposed to go on Copper Hill Drive?

First we lose Tony Roma’s. Then Applebee’s. Then TGIF (TGI Friday’s) and many, many other great places to eat. Even KFC on Lyons Avenue was replaced with a Starbucks. I don’t have anything against Starbucks but enough is enough already. They are like a rash on my butt, they keep spreading.

We have enough “burger joints” in town. I know, I know, they are all the greatest burgers in the world, just ask them.

Well let me tell you folks that right now we have three of the best burger restaurants in the world, or at least in Southern California. And they are In-N-Out, The Habit and Hook Burger (little expensive but great).

And now along comes this out-of-towner called “Archibald’s”. No thanks.

It advertises itself as “not a fast food restaurant”. To me, it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and walks like a duck so it must be a burger joint (oh yes, with wine and beer).

If you are a burger aficionado, then you know from driving around town that we are inundated with burger joints and they claim they are the best.

I don’t know why we have lost so many great businesses whether because of the land owners raising the rents, corporate closures due to lack of business, or the city or just what.

But it is disheartening to hear that this new burger joint is going in where we have waited and looked forward with great anticipation for the building of El Pollo Loco.

Probably the members of “Awesome Town” felt that El Pollo Loco just did not fit into their lifestyle.

I have lived in this valley for over 57 years and although I think it is a great place to live, I find it hard to digest the vomitus term of “Awesome Town”. It’s a great place to live, leave it at that.

Give us back our El Pollo Loco. You have one on the West side and one on the East side so let the middle have our El Pollo Loco.

No, it is not “a burger is a burger is a burger. It is In-N-Out or The Habit.

That’s my opinion and my story and I’m sticking to it.

Dick Cesaroni

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