Robert Sheppard: Net Neutrality’s broken legs

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Obey federal rule or they will destroy your livelihood or arrest you. Using the threat of Violent Force to do small good destroys any good intent. Evil use of force may work for a time, but those societies eventually get their comeuppance.

“Net Neutrality” a seemingly ‘good’ use of violent force would have hurt America because Justice demands a punishment against Evil. 80% of the general public are wrong to support ‘Net Neutrality’ and it appears my U.S. House Representative Stephen Knight is among them.

Is all internet data equally as Good and Valuable? NO. But supporting ‘Net Neutrality’ would have you disagreeing with this obvious statement. Streaming hilarious cat videos isn’t as Good or Important as the WORK done over the internet: medicine, food, manufacturing and perhaps even large portions of your job.

According to Cisco’s annual VNI forecast, video will take over 80% of internet bandwidth in just a few years. With more 4K streaming coming, I think this will only climb higher and higher. Most videos will be Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, and Entertainment; notice they started ‘Net Neutrality’ in the first place. Here is how I think Justice will punish America if it were to reinstate ‘Net Neutrality’.

Like weeds, too much of these videos will clog up the internet and put a strain on Education, Medical Care, and Work. Internet providers no longer able prioritize the Best over the good have had their legs broken in their ability to solve the problem – they might need to be able to charge more for video. Struggling rural America will be hurt the hardest because their internet is already limited.

Protecting Freedom of Speech through ‘Net Neutrality’ doesn’t make sense. The internet is a giant bullhorn amplifying Free Speech throughout the world. Just because you speak doesn’t mean I have to lend you my bullhorn to help you say it. Especially if my privately owned bullhorn cost me a Billion dollars. Internet providers have Free Speech and threatening Violence if they don’t repeat everything is Unconstitutional.

America you are wrong to support ‘Net Neutrality’ aka ‘Internet Freedom’. Please rethink your position! Does this rule deserve the full Violent enforcement of the Federal government behind it? NO.

Robert Sheppard

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