Roselva Ungar: Consider censorship

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I wish to thank Patrick Comey for his letter on the 18th in which he takes on Mr. Baker for his “all- too- common name-calling when he referred to the “ethically and morally bankrupt Dem/socialist party.”

Mr. Baker’s writings are constant in their disparagement of public persons and organizations. I have been repulsed by the negative and abusive verbiage of Mr. Baker since early 2015 when I began archiving his op-eds and letters. The repeated use of incendiary language and the same tired insults runs through them all.

I have asked The Signal to consider censoring, or at least limiting, any writer whose language does not adhere to a respectful use of language. I believe that The Signal stands for strengthening this community through honest debate and positive messages that unify, rather than divide us.

Roselva Ungar
Santa Clarita

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