Patrick Comey: Stop the name calling

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

I was disappointed to read Mr. Baker’s shallow response to a column by Katie Hill. Mr. Baker averred that “universal background checks, waiting periods, disqualifying terrorists and domestic abusers and those in mental health crisis from buying weapons” are “already in place.” Really, Mr. Baker? Background checks for sales at gun shows and swap meets are not in effect nor are other transfers between “private parties.” Domestic abusers aren’t universally denied nor are those in “mental health crisis.” It seems that the most recent school shooter has mental health issues, yet was he denied the ability to purchase weapons? No!

Sadly, Mr. Baker resorted to all-too-common name-calling when he referred to the “ethically and morally bankrupt Dem/socialist party” who he claimed, “cynically mined a tragedy for cheap political points.” Indeed, he reverts to his own cheap political points by labeling schools “gun-free zones.” What does he endorse, arming teachers and janitors? He does advocate hiring armed individuals for schools. How many? Two? Three? A dozen? “Bad guys” won’t stay away from school simply because anyone is armed. The students themselves aren’t armed and no matter how close an armed person is, it takes time to respond. Furthermore, those armed individuals generally won’t have been trained in responding to armed individuals in schools (notwithstanding they may be veterans; only 10 percent of veterans actually fight).

Patrick Comey
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