Barbara Gassner: Gun solution is simple


This is in response to retired deputy McMichael’s opinion of Sat. Feb 24. He stated, “Bottom line is guns are not the problem. It’s people.”


It’s only logical to say if people did not have access to automatic weapons, they couldn’t use them to shoot scores of people: children or adults.

More laws dictating more thorough background checks will not help. Arming teachers will not help. Having more armed guards at schools all over the country will not help.
The beginning of a solution is simple.

Start the process of eliminating any automatic weapon or kit to transform “legal” weapons into automatic weapons for public purchase and begin buy-back programs to encourage getting weapons, legal or illegal, off the streets nationwide.

Caches of illegal weaponry are part of the problem, especially in gang-controlled neighborhoods where people fear for the lives of their loved ones daily. But, as we have all seen, gun violence can happen in anyone’s neighborhood. No one is immune to this problem. Everyone deserves a chance at a non-violent life.

This should not be a state by state option. This should be an immediate nationwide push for sanity and safety. All it takes is one addition to the 2nd amendment stating “the right to bear arms does not include automatic weaponry to be used solely by the military, and using said weapons when not in a sanctioned military operation is against the law and punishable.”

Our forefathers had no idea such killing machines would exist when this was put into the Constitution. NRA, one does not need an automatic weapon to go hunting. There is no need for it to be displayed on a wall or used to defend your property.

Look to the gun facts of other nations: Japan, Australia, Great Britain for example—fewer guns equals fewer deaths by guns.

Simple fact.

I fear our society has become desensitized by the constant illusionistic violence seen in movies, TV, videos, electronic media games, etc. No wonder society worldwide becomes shocked into reality by mass or individual tragedies affecting the lives of real people. All lives matter.

Take action that makes sense.

Barbara Gassner

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