Lois Eisenberg: A sense of renewable hope

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Letters to the Editor
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Reading The Signal’s Editorial Board’s article: “A Teachable Moment,” which was posted on Saturday, March 17, gave me a sense of renewalable hope.
Not only was the article a teachable moment, it was a timely and monumental moment.
Thank you to the editorial board for recognizing what these students have to offer in preserving our lives, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
The article brought back memories of the Vietnam War—when the young people were scorned upon for their protesting of a senseless war that ended up nowhere.
Their protesting and perseverance was the main cause that ended that dreadful war.
Now, we have a new wave of young people that are protesting gun control in the same fever as the young people protesting the Vietnam War.
Bless them.
These young people are politically engaged, and we haven’t seen that in a long time—much too long.
They are very smart, beyond their years, strong willed, articulate, well-informed and organized. They are also adhering to non-violence in their protesting and cause.
At this time in our political, upheaval and chaotic turmoil of governing, we need these youthful kids to take the reins and show the inadequate adults and politicians how things should been done in this country to keep our citizen’s safe, free and happy.
The youth of this country have waited too long to speak up—feeling that what they would have to say and protest would go un-heeded.
They were right.
The new wave of youth in America have become politically engaged, and they are our only feeling of hope for the future.

Lois Eisenberg

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