Steve Lunetta: Donald Trump contradictions

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It’s an odd time in the history of our Republic. We have a president who is a study in contradictions.

We know that President Donald Trump scans the news programs on television to see how he is portrayed in the media. But, then, he makes strange tweets in the early morning hours that seem to indicate he does not care about his public persona.

The people who serve in the White House are many of the best and brightest that our nation has to offer, but they are often tossed aside without a care to the long-term consequences.

Mr. Trump was accused of being socially insensitive because he called Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” since she claims to have a native American heritage. We are now coming to learn that she may not have this heritage and may have been scamming us all along.

Trump was right and simply said it more strongly than we would have liked.

Many on the left have claimed that Trump is woefully unprepared to handle the complexities and demands of foreign relations. His back-and-forth childish jabs at North Korea’s Kim Jong Un have been splashed across the media.

Now, Un appears to be willing to talk to Trump and make some real headway on becoming denuclearized and bring true stability to the Korean peninsula. This would be a diplomatic coup of epic proportions that no one can debate.

Some have claimed that President Trump is a failed businessman with numerous bankruptcies to his credit. But, he brought about a tax reform plan that appears to be reinvigorating the American economy.

From the immense tax savings, numerous companies have awarded bonuses to employees (at all levels, not just executives), increased dividends to shareholders, bought new equipment and expanded operations to employ more people.

Some on the left have claimed that Mr. Trump is racist and sides with those who propagate hate against immigrants. Yet, he has also made very clear that he understands the plight of the Dreamers (undocumented people brought to the United States as children) and has offered plans to fix this problem.

Of course, these plans include reforms to our immigration system that would make it fair and equitable for all immigrants, not just Dreamers. The Democrats in Congress appear unwilling to do this. It makes one wonder who are truly the racists?

President Trump does not do things the way former chief executives have. While I am big on tradition and doing things the “right way,” he has forced me to examine my own biases and prejudices when it comes to my expectations for a president.

For example, so what if he tweets stuff in the morning? Frankly, it’s been fascinating to look into the mind of the most powerful person on earth and see what he thinks. Do all of his thoughts become policy?

Of course not.

I do understand that sometimes words can have an impact. But, maybe we have become far too sensitive (butterflies?) with regards to opinions and ideas. Maybe Trump is teaching us that actions speak louder than words.

Trump has also been unsettling for many in another area. We are quite used to politicians promising one thing and then doing another once elected. In fact, we almost come to expect it.

This president is consistent. He follows through on what he promised to do. He told folks in the “fly over” states that he would work to protect their jobs. His trade policies are an extension of that commitment.

And people on both sides of the aisle have lost their minds over it. “He can’t put tariffs on metals! That is anti-trade and could start a trade war!” But, that is what he said he was going to do. It’s truly shocking for a politician to do what he says.

Some would call that integrity. But, how can a man who purportedly cavorts with porn stars behind his wife’s back and engages in locker room talk be called a man of integrity? Well, that is another contradiction with this president.

How do we as a good and moral people put up with a leader with such conflicts? Do we accept a flawed and contradicted man as long as he is a good leader and promotes policies that makes our nation stronger?

That will be the question as we enter into this election season.

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita and is practicing holding his nose when entering the voting booth. He can be reached at [email protected].

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