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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’d like to respond to Gary Horton’s column of April 11 which he ironically called, “Just give me some normalcy”. I say ironic because most of his left-wing political views are outside the mainstream. But he did have a fair point about No-Drama-Obama. If a president has a reputation for doing nothing, there will be little drama.

When Syria murdered its own people using chemical weapons, No-Drama-Obama did nothing.

When Democrats held the White House and both Houses of Congress with nothing stopping them to change America’s gun laws, No-Drama-Obama did nothing.

When the IRS admitted they had illegally targeted organizations opposed to the Obama administration, No-Drama-Obama did nothing.

When America’s national debt ballooned to almost $20-trillion, No-Drama-Obama did nothing.

When Hillary Clinton accepted millions of dollars for her personal foundation from foreign countries while she was America’s Secretary of State, No-Drama-Obama did nothing.

When American soldiers desperately cried for help during a terrorist attack in Benghazi, No-Drama-Obama did nothing.

When Russia invaded areas of eastern Europe, No-Drama-Obama did nothing.

When the Attorney General had a private meeting with Bill Clinton while his wife was under FBI investigation, No-Drama-Obama did nothing.

When Russia started meddling in American politics months before November of 2016, No-Drama-Obama did nothing.

Apparently, this is what Mr. Horton deems as “normal” behavior in politics and what he wants to see America go back to. And anyone who tries to rock the boat and clean up this corruption, must be destroyed. I’m just thankful that he doesn’t speak for “normal” Americans.

Gil Mertz
Former Santa Clarita Valley resident

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