Richard Myers: Not everything is political

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I just read Brian Baker’s editorial, “We are seeing the signs” posted April 20th.

I’m always glad to hear from Brian. In this piece he talks about noticing a billboard that reads, “CHOOSE CHILDREN OVER GUNS/Our Congressman Steve Knight Has an A from the NRA/Call Him and Ask Why.”

Of course he then goes on to point out the error in thinking of the leftists that sponsored the billboard.

You know it was probably just a coincidence but in the same issue, Jeff Stahler’s cartoon, “Moderately Confused” shows a little boy handing his report card to his mother. The caption reads, “At least I passed my active shooter lockdown drill.”

How sad that it is so appropriate.

What is really sad is that as you read Baker’s editorial is becomes very clear that this is a man whose whole life seems to be centered upon being a right wing conservative. Not just in the political arena but in all that he does.

He says, “When I moved here in 1984 … my main motivation was to escape the leftist swamp in LA city.” I moved here in 1974 because I liked the beauty of the area and without a thought of political surroundings.

One may have an interest in politics without making it the center of one’s life and without viewing everything with a political bent.

I suspect that if Mr. Baker ever goes to a Dodger game he would insist on sitting somewhere in the right field seats and he would expect to find liberals (leftists to use Brian’s terminology) in the left field seats, and independents, of course , in center field.

That’s how Brian would see it but gosh darn it Brian, things aren’t always arranged from a political posture. Life is just not that way. Wake up! Live a little. Relax. There is truly, honestly, more to life than politics.

Oh, about gun control and the second amendment– we’ll talk about it next time.

Richard Myers

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