Dr. Robert W. Burton: Voted for Katie Hill

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Letters to the Editor
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I have already cast my ballot for Katie Hill, I am now voting by the U.S. Mail service and I find Ms. Hill impressive on a number of issues. First, she sent a volunteer from her campaign out to my abode in order to speak with me concerning the candidacy of Ms. Hill, we having a chat for about fifteen minutes. Second, Ms. Hill sent me a personal letter which addressed the issues for why she was running for office, rather than just bashing her opponent’s views and ideas. Third, she e-mailed me about her grassroots’ candidacy for a better Santa Clarita under her watch.

Suffice it to say that Ms. Hill went out of her way to get my vote, and I appreciated that very much. Also, I like the fact that she is running primarily on helping the homeless situation here in the Santa Clarita Valley. Yes, indeed, she favors an issue, homelessness, that only she articulates well. To be certain, none of the other political candidates, in my opinion, are running on what they shall do to better the Santa Clarita Valley, but rather they run only on the base issues as they see it of their opponents. Katie does not run such a dirty campaign as do her opponents in this race.

Furthermore, Katie Hill received my vote because she runs wholly a positive campaign, that is, a campaign based on what she shall do in office for the betterment of the Santa Clarita Valley residents. Thus, indeed, she is a refreshing voice for all people who wish for a better way of life here in the greater Santa Clarita area. Be it understood that Katie Hill runs her campaign only on the issues set before her, not by just bashing her opponents’ behavior, as I say, and she represents the only candidate that went out of her way to get my vote. Thus, she is my type of an American leader.

Dr. Robert W. Burton
Santa Clarita

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