Glenda Johnson: Was I at the same meeting?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Ever hear the story of several blind persons describing an elephant? (Their descriptions depended upon what part of the elephant they each touched so, therefore, descriptions differed greatly).

I attended the May 8 meeting (city council meeting on SB 54) from 6pm-9pm so when did the Signal Editorial Board base their opinion of a “dark hour”? I certainly did not observe that.

Why would anyone expect hundreds of citizens with diverse opinions not to show some reaction both pro and con? I was in both rooms that evening due to availability of seating, sight, & sound.

Laurene Weste was very fair to any speaker who was interrupted. After giving extra clock-time, it seemed to me that interruptions were greatly decreased.

I suspect that this might have been a “first” City Council meeting for a majority of attendees so I hope they will come out again on other future matters when they will understand expected behavior.

Glenda Johnson

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