Roselva Ungar: Shocked at behavior

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I attended the City Council meeting on May 8 and was shocked to see the rowdy, hostile, and disruptive behavior of a large group of “red hats” who filled the center of the auditorium, preventing many of us who arrived before 6:00 from entering. We waited outside without success for a chance to enter and at least obtain a comment card on which to write our comments. Giving up on entering, I watched the live broadcast on Facebook and was again appalled at the nastiness, and the booing to prevent hearing presentations, from those with whom they disagreed. The front row appeared to have stationed themselves specifically to shout at and ridicule any speaker who supported California’s sanctuary position.

It was disturbing to find that we live here in Santa Clarita among such bigoted and angry people, but even worse to see that the Council was unable to enforce the rules for conduct in the city hall. Placards were brought in and shouting and booing permitted. There was no civil decorum to preserve the rights of all to express their opinions. Why weren’t the disrupters ordered out?

If the intent is to convince all that this city is the most hateful one in L.A. County, they succeeded last night. I had thought that we prided ourselves on our caring and welcoming attitudes toward each other and toward the stranger.

Roselva Ungar
Santa Clarita

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