Valeri Estrada: Common-sense reform

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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My son was born two days after Sandy Hook. I remember waking up that morning still in the hospital and my partner putting my newborn in my arms and whispering, “There has been another school shooting,” and pointing at the TV where there was a line of small children walking out of the school. I watched horrified all morning. I looked at my two day old baby and told him, “By the time you are their age, we will have this all fixed. This will be the thing that changes everything.” My son starts kindergarten in August and here we are.

When he was three and a half I took him to his first movie. As we walked into the movie theater I scanned the room and my first thought was, “Where is the best place to sit in case of an active shooter?” I immediately chastised myself; that’s ridiculous! That won’t happen again! Three days later it did happen again.

Why are we accepting this as normal? How many children need to die before we say, “That is enough.  Now we are ready to change”? Ask yourself what that magic number is.

I watched the Townhall For Our Lives hosted by local students and I was impressed by Congressional candidate Bryan Caforio. It’s clear he is the candidate we can trust to fight for common sense gun reform. Bryan has had strong ideas on gun control from the beginning. His policy is easy to find on his website and it echoes my ideas of a strong starting point for making sure my son doesn’t walk into school with a target on his back. He’s shown up consistently to gun reform events. He supports the Parkland students and listens to local students and I appreciate and value that. Are we likely to pass any common sense gun control legislation with 45 in office? No. But Bryan isn’t approaching this with any less resolve or heart and I respect that.

Valeri Estrada
Canyon Country

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